Chat Suppression

Take Control of Your Chat Widget Visibility and Get It Seen Only Where It Should Be!

With Botsplash chat suppression, you can decide where your chat widget appears. You can simply suppress the chat widget on the pages you don't want to appear such that you can deliver a more targeted and streamlined customer experience.

Control Your Widget's Visibility

Take full control of where the chat widget appears, ensuring it appears where it makes the most sense. You can hide it on pages like your blogs or careers page, where it's unnecessary. Botsplash chat suppression gives you the freedom to decide what pages you need the chat widget to appear on and what pages you don't.

Increase Conversion Rates

By displaying your chat widget only where needed, chat suppression can help you increase your conversion rates. Customers are more likely to engage with your chat widget when it's relevant to their needs, which can lead to more sales and a higher ROI.

Customize Your Visibility

Customize your chat widget visibility based on your business needs and hide the widget on specific pages or sections of your website. This gives you more flexibility in managing your customer interactions, and you can create a more personalized and efficient experience for your customers.

Enhance Efficiency

Save your time and resources by reducing the number of unnecessary chat conversations. This way, your customer service team can focus on the most important conversations, improving productivity and efficiency.

Improve Customer Experience

By hiding your chat widget on pages that aren't needed, you can create a more streamlined and personalized experience for your customers. Customers won't be confused by irrelevant chat conversations, leading to a better customer experience and improved satisfaction.

So, take control of your chat widget's visibility and unleash the power of targeted conversations.

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What is Botsplash Chat Suppression?

Botsplash Chat Suppression is a feature that allows you to control where your website's chat widget appears. You can choose to hide it on specific pages or sections, ensuring it only shows up when relevant to your visitors' needs.

Why should I use Chat Suppression?

There are several advantages to using Chat Suppression:

  • Increase your conversion rates: By removing the widget from distracting or irrelevant pages, visitors are more likely to focus on your core content and conversion goals.
  • Enhance customer experience: A cleaner website layout helps avoid confusion and ensures your chat widget appears only when it can provide relevant assistance.
  • Improve team efficiency: Your customer service team can focus on high-quality conversations with qualified leads by reducing unnecessary chat interactions.
  • Save time and resources: Chat suppression minimizes distractions for your team and visitors, enabling smoother workflows and optimized website use.
  • Personalize customer interactions: Tailoring widget visibility to specific pages personalizes the customer experience and makes your chat offering more targeted and valuable.

How can I customize Chat Suppression?

Botsplash Chat Suppression offers flexible options for controlling widget visibility. You can hide the widget based on:

  • Specific pages or sections: Exclude individual pages or entire sections like blogs or careers pages.
  • URL patterns: Hide the widget on pages matching specific URL patterns for precise control.
  • Visitor behavior: Trigger widget suppression based on visitor actions or data, like user journey stage or browsing history.

Does Chat Suppression affect my existing chat data?

No, Chat Suppression only controls where the widget appears. Your existing chat history and analytics remain unaffected. Regardless of widget visibility, you can still access and analyze all interactions from any page.

How do I activate Chat Suppression?

Contact your Botsplash administrator or support team to enable Chat Suppression and discuss your specific needs for widget visibility customization.