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Your customers want to talk to you... on their terms. Botsplash provides multiple communication options like SMS text, web chat, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages and more. Additional features include video calling, multi-way chat and text, document share, and more. Complete the form for a no-obligation demonstration of the platform.

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What is omnichannel?

An omnichannel approach focuses on interaction through numerous integrations to ensure experiences are the same, regardless of the channel used. Communication with customers can pick up where they left off to minimize redundancy and increase customer satisfaction.

Botsplash Channels


One of our most popular channels, SMS is an excellent way to boost communication and response rates. SMS yields a 98% open rate on average and is quickly growing in popularity for B2C companies looking for a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Web Chat

Let your customers chat with you right from your website! Our Web Chat widgets are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. Touches such as color, branding, routing, automation, and more can be branded to fit your company's identity.

Facebook Messenger

Route Facebook Messenger conversations straight to your agents. The Botsplash platform ties in messages from social media with other outlets to offer a more unified approach to digital communication. We truly understand what it takes for you to #BeWhereYourCustomersAre

Google Business Messages

Engage with your customers right from the top search engine on the internet. As users come across your Google My Business profile, they can directly engage in live or automated conversations. Then the user can pick up where they left off on any other channel that Botsplash offers.


At Botsplash, we offer numerous integrations to ensure a perfect fit within your current business process. We can provide integration options for numerous CRMs, applications, and more. Our tech team offers solutions for both common and proprietary software and are adding more options every month.

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