Speedy Browse Bot: Convert your website to chatbot
July 11, 2016

Speedy Browse Bot: Convert your website to chatbot

Speedy Browse Bot (aka Transformer bot). This article will provide challenges, accomplishments and lessons learned in building a bot that aims at simplifying web browsing for users and on-boarding businesses to chatbots.

What is Speedy Browse Bot?

Speedy Browse Bot will instantly crawl through any website and present you the most prominent links on the site, along with social media content when available. If you are a business or website owner, Speedy Browse Bot will translate your website into a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that can be hooked onto your business Facebook page.

How does it work?

These are some brainy botics that make Speedy Browse Bot:

  • Organize you website content in a way that is consumable on chatbot platforms.
  • Search and present results with screenshots and relevant links.
  • Allows a web user to hide “page view” trails on a website.
  • Skim through available links on website till you locate a page of interest.

Challenges putting together Speedy Browser Bot

While the bot’s core system appears to be a search engine query, it is not quite the same. For example, when search engines indexes a website, they use PageRank algorithm to determine the prominence of web pages. PageRank may not necessarily be how businesses want to deliver.

Also, search engines are good at getting results for a given query but they fail to organize the content in an organized structure.

Bots ≠ Website

We spent most of time ensuring that bot is not a replacement for a website but Speedy Browse Bot will be a tool to deliver easy access to vital content.

How does it benefit consumers?

  • Websites are often content overload or can be clunky. Speedy Browser bot simplifies interaction by focusing on important aspects of the site.

How do we plan to improve it further?

Here are some initiatives we are considering. We appreciate the feedback or feature requests:

  • Continuous crawl with notifications for blogs and subscribed content.
  • Merge the Speedy Browse Bot into core platform to utilize botsplash’s features such as Dashboards, Workflow, Analytics, Notifications, Support module, etc.

What are the lessons learned from hackathon?


  • Get out of the box and do something different. We could come up with different ideas easily.
  • Go with what you know or comfortable with. Keep the hard problems for later – you may never have to solve them.


  • Always work backwards – we lost time on features that were not part of delivery.

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This article was originally posted on botsplash.com

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