August 12, 2016 Conference

On behalf of botsplash, I’ll be attending talkabot conference in Austin, TX from September 27th to 29th. If you would be interested to greet or discuss ideas, drop me a line at

botsplash will be doing selected presentations to showcase the platform and participate in events to could help the overall community.

What is Talkabot conference:


Talkabot is a two day convergence where we will explore the past, present and future of bots in commerce, journalism and entertainment. Talkabot is for developers, entrepreneurs and technologists looking to understand more about what it takes to build a successful messaging experience.

Here is what we can expect:

Hear from popular bot makers, platform representatives and specialists in related fields like artificial intelligence, user research and content strategy. The conference will be presented in a single track format with talks from the people and companies who are defining this technology and making it real.

Learn more about impressive list of speakers here

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Ramu Pulipati
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