The Top Ten Most Effective Mortgage Opt-In Messages
December 22, 2022

The Top Ten Most Effective Mortgage Opt-In Messages

10+ (I lost count) of my most effective mortgage opt-in messages

Hi! (this is my favorite message opening)

So, you got the glorious duty of getting your leads to opt-in.

But you’re not sure how to do this without scaring them off.

First big highlight and note: Get comfortable with an opt-out over being sneaky or clever to get what you need. No one likes to be tricked, and it will likely get you a letter from some high-powered law firm or, worse, the government.

Good news! Getting more opt-ins and starting good conversations go hand-in-hand.

Let me show you.

Important disclaimer

One more quick cautionary statement before we get started.

This article is not about TCPA. Some exceptional attorneys can better guide you on the nuances of telecommunications law.

Compliance in any area is very dependent on your internal processes and practices. So, consult your legal and compliance department as the final authority in all cases.

Instead, this brief article will focus on practical, customer-first communication, not the finer details of compliance and delivery.

Yet, you will see some best practices sprinkled in because these are real messages in use.

Act like a human, not a robot. Automation and compliance do not need formal and stilted language.

Yes, you’re using automation, but you don’t need to talk like a robot.

Yes, you want to be compliant and follow all the rules, but you don’t need to be stilted.

As you sit down to write any communication, call, or voicemail script or sequence of emails and text messages, visualize a personal introduction and conversation with one person.

Always come from a mindset of empathy.

Build your opt-in sequences around the customer’s state of mind and awareness of you and your organization.

There is no reason ever to hit a customer with a cold, jolting, or out-of-nowhere message. You know where they came from (i.e., how you got their contact information) and what they came looking for.

Use that information to gain your opt-in.

Message #1

Hey Antoine, this is Bill. I just got your request from the web form. I wanted to make sure this is the right number, and that it’s okay to text?

Bill Rice, loan officer with Hometown Lender. NMLS 55555

Message #2 (a few seconds after)

Of course, you can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop’

There are a couple of things I want to highlight in this first text sequence:

  • You noticed I used two messages instead of one. I often do this because this is how real people text on their phones. We want to be real people, not robots.
  • I immediately told her where I got her information and gave her control. If people feel safe — respected and honored — they will provide you with control to guide them forward.
  • I used an informal signature line in the first message. Don’t shy away from required advertising disclosures. Just add them. You’ll appear more credible and trustworthy.

Always start with this basic opt-in framework:

  • Where I got your information
  • Is it okay to communicate with you in this way?
  • Here is who I am - professional and credible

Never write one script, email, text, or social DM message. Always work in sequences.

The world is full of noise.

People’s mobile devices are even worse.

As I look at my phone, I have a dozen apps with a blaring red message count bubble in the icon's corner.

The nice thing is that most people pay close attention to new text messages, emails, voicemails, and social DMs. Note: this list is in priority order for most people.

Now, here is where the magic happens in all these channels.

One message raises an eyebrow, but two kick in the endorphins and become irresistible.

So, never write or send one message. Always use a sequence for each outreach.

Here are some of the rhythms I use for my first outreach in each channel:

  • SMS: Break my message up into 2-3 short, conversational messages
  • Email: Send one in the morning and a quick follow-up at the end of the day
  • Voicemail: Drop a voicemail and then follow up with a text message referencing the voicemail.
  • Social: Treat it much like a text message. Break up the message into 2-3 short, conversational messages.

Getting your inbound leads to give you a good opt-in and solid start to your conversation.

I’m a big fan of using omnichannel sales automation for initial outreach. It’s a great way to show you’re personable and responsive. It also locks in on your customer’s preferred (most responsive) communication channel.

Here are a few of my go-to opt-in messages for new inbound leads.

Hi Heather! I just left you a voicemail, is texting okay? Of course, you can always opt-out by just texting ‘Stop.’

Hi James! I just got your web form fill. So, you’re looking to buy a home with your VA benefit?

By the way, is texting okay? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

Hi Aru! This is Bill from Hometown Lender. I just got your request from the website. I’m on a call with another customer, but can I call you in 20 minutes?

By the way, is texting okay? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

In these messages, you’ll see a few example techniques I like to use:

  • Drop the voicemail first and call attention to it (and you) with a quick follow on text message.
  • Again, tell them where you got their info. In the case of lead buying, they may be coming from a different website. So, I generally use “web form” and “website.”
  • Secret tip: Never over-explain. Ironically, the more explanation and detail you give, the more sketchy it seems.

Leads never die; we just stop talking to them. Learn to keep the relationship alive with lead nurturing and sustaining campaigns.

In these opt-in messages, you’re maintaining the relationship with occasional check-ins, much like with friends. Think precisely like that.

Look for excuses and opportunities to drop a line.

Ideally, your leads are well-segmented in your database. This allows you to start sequences based on events, not a blast randomly based on a burning need to hit quota.

Here are some of my favorite check-in messages to get the conversation started again.

Justin, we haven’t talked in a few months. Should we do a quick check-in on your mortgage? Rates are moving again.

Oh, by the way, this is Bill Rice from Hometown Lender, NMLS 55555

Ricardo, this is Bill Rice from Hometown Lender (NMLS 55555). I wanted to see how being a homeowner has been treating you. Anything new?

Also, we’ve just started offering some new options to get cash out from your home’s equity. Any interest?

Brianna, we got a decent dip in rates this week. We should check on your mortgage and see if there are better options.

It’ll take 15 minutes tops. Do you have time this week?

Subject Line: Consumers are taking advantage of record growth in home equity


I noticed this article today: It made me think I should check to see if you’ve thought about taking some cash out of your growing home equity.

Do you want to chat this week?

Subject Line: We’ve got a lot more home purchase options

Tammy, I know we ran into some snags on qualifying you a few months ago. The market has opened up some more options. Do you want to take another look?

Do you have some time to chat today or tomorrow?

A couple of notes to take away from these examples:

  • Segmentation is powerful and will increase the sense of personalization and re-engagement.
  • Ideally, you already know and are using their preferred communication channel.
  • Always cite a reason for your outreach. What triggered you to think about them?
  • Try to solidify the re-engagement and future connectivity with a quick meeting. Offer to review their mortgage and get the opportunity to add data to your CRM and better segment them. You could even get a loan!

You have a gold mine of deals sitting in your sales CRM and marketing databases. Harvest them with revive campaigns.

Dead leads (secret: they aren’t dead) are the best opportunity for immediate new deals.

They got marked dead because their priorities, situation, or timing changed. But they wanted a mortgage — that’s why they landed in your new lead queue sometime in the past.

The moment you marked them dead, they dropped into the cone of silence, never to be contacted again.

Don’t let this happen. Don’t let these leads go back to the open market to look for another lender when the timing is better.

You already deemed hundreds, probably thousands of these leads dead. So, let’s pull them back into the lead nurturing audience.

Is this Jayden?

(Wait for a reply. It will probably be something like, “Who is this?”)

This is Bill Rice (NMLS 55555) from Hometown Lender. You filled out a web form a couple of months ago, but we never connected. I wanted to circle back and see if you’re still looking to {{purchase | refinance | get a VA loan}}?

By the way, is texting okay? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

Hi Dominique! Do I have the right number?

(Wait for a reply. It will probably be something like, “Who is this?”)

This is Bill Rice (NMLS 55555) from Hometown Lender. We talked a couple of months ago. I just wanted to circle back.

By the way, is texting okay? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

Is this Keysha?

(Wait for a reply. It will probably be something like, “Who is this?”)

This is Bill Rice (NMLS 55555) from Hometown Lender. Rates took a little dip, and we have some new {{purchase | refinance | VA loan}} options.

I wanted to check in and see if we should chat again.

By the way, is texting okay? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

Hakeem, This article hit my feed today: Since you purchased almost a year ago, taking a little cash out of your growing home equity might make sense.

By the way, this is Bill Rice (NMLS 55555) from Hometown Lender.

Is this still a good number? You can always opt-out by texting ‘Stop.’

A couple of things to take note of in these aged lead opt-in messages:

  • Make sure you re-verify the customer number and get a new, explicit opt-in
  • Remind them who you are, especially if you weren’t the original assigned LO
  • Reference your previous contact and context
  • Ideally, reference the type of mortgage or situation you discussed last

Get your messaging platform humming!

There are plenty of leads.

But, they will quickly age and degrade if you don’t have an effective (and automated) opt-in, initial outreach, and lead nurturing strategy.

This article is full of examples to try (and testing is the key to success).

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