Bruce Walker
Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships

Bruce Walker

When I grew up, I played as many different sports as possible—soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and so on because it was important to be a well-rounded athlete. My career has been pretty diverse as well—I’ve worked in sports television, I’ve been with ad agencies, I’ve been in real estate, I’ve been in fintech and automotive, I’ve been an old-school marketer and I’ve been a digital marketer, I’ve worked in community relations in the NBA, and I’ve worked business development as a marketing role and as a sales role. I’ve gone back to school and earned my MBA and I sing in a rock and roll band. I’ve driven in a presidential motorcade and I’ve gone through Elvis Presley’s record collection at Graceland.

My experiences have allowed me to work with some truly great people. And I still seek them out. Because learning never stops and everyone has something they can share and teach. Human connection will always be important but as we continue to weave our way through the pandemic, it’s crucial. We’re constantly working on making digital communication easier for one-to-one conversations. If it’s important to you too, then let’s chat and connect.

Bucket List Item
Visit Every Disney Park
Favorite Activity
Interesting Fact
I Have 50 Hot Sauces
Hidden Talent
I Sing in a Band

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