Willem Osuch
Product Marketing Manager

Willem Osuch

Hi and welcome to my landing page. My name is Willem Osuch and I’m the Product Marketing Manager at Botsplash.

I am responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies for Botsplash that promotes our omnichannel customer engagement platform. My intent is to generate demand and drive sales by identifying target audiences, understanding their needs and preferences, and developing messaging and campaigns that resonate with them.

Ultimately, I ensure that the Botsplash platform is successful in the market by creating a compelling value proposition, reaching the right audience, and enabling sales.

I foster creativity and product marketing through the relationships and connections I make on LinkedIn with people and companies. LinkedIn is home for me when I’m at work. It is on LinkedIn where I research individuals and companies, educate myself on industry trends and patterns, follow people’s posts and activities, and attempt to connect and network to put Botsplash at the forefront. I try to make myself known on LinkedIn, being an active and regular poster and participant on people’s feeds.

In late 2021, I created Botsplash.TV, Botsplash’s very own weekly minute-long video show where I envisioned myself doing an online show that would promote Botsplash, as well as myself in a casual, yet professional light. From vision to reality, Botsplash.TV has manifested itself to be exactly what I wanted it to be – a highlight into the world of Botsplash and an extension of my role within business development.

I’ve spent my career learning, building, and fostering relationships and am now bringing new opportunities to Botsplash as Product Marketing Manager. Leveraging my experience in marketing, business, and more, I’ve helped develop and drive our strategic efforts through a creative, process-focused approach.

Favorite Go-To Show
The X-Files
Favorite Free Time Activity
Video Games
Favorite Night Out Activity
Attend Raves
Top Bucket List Item
Visit Every Continent

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