B2B SMS strategies have a 90% average read time within the first three minutes of delivery.

Your customers want to talk to youright from their phones. With Botsplash, users can conduct effective inbound and outbound messaging campaigns using numerous integrations, features, and more. Our processes follow a human-first approach and let the real interactions inform how and when to use automation for an efficient, yet, natural conversation.

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Powerful SMS Features

Document Sharing
Easily & securely share documents with prospects and customers.
Short URL
Built-in link shortener tool saves characters and cleans up messages.
Canned Messages
Quickly pull pre-written responses to common inquiries to save time.
Scheduled Send
Schedule one or more outbound SMS messages to send when unavailable.
Auto Unsubscribe
Keyword-based responses allow customers to opt-out of SMS campaigns.
Spanish Translation
Communicate with Spanish-speaking customers with two-way Spanish support.
Multi Agent Chat
Pull new agents into an active conversation or hand off a customer to someone else.
Lead Management
Organize, segment, and prioritize leads for maximum conversion potential.

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Botsplash is not just a communication platform vendor but a trusted partner in our customer outreach program. Botsplash’s robust platform allows our sales, sales support and operations staff to stay engaged with our customers from prospecting to clients for life.  Allowing simple integrations for chat on our website to automated engaging text messages helping drive higher conversions.  If you want a partner to work with you on optimizing your chat and text contact strategy, you want Botsplash.

Brian Surgener

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Botsplash offers great products developed by an amazing group of people. Aru is one of my favorite and she has built and fantastic team. Botsplash provides a very easy to use omni-channel communication platform that improves the customer journey, maximizing deliverability and helps drive conversions. Having administered Botsplash accounts in the past, I always found their platform delivered exactly what I needed. Excellent reporting, easy A/B testing and simple to integrate into a lead management system. Plus, if you drive any traffic to your website, their chat service is a must.

Kevin Benner

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