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1. Common Questions

What is Botsplash?

Botsplash is a software as a service (SaaS). Basically, it acts as a container for all of the communication channels your customers have with your business. Whether they use text, web chat, Facebook Messenger, etc., Botsplash brings it all in one place for your agents to respond to in an efficient way. By being where your customers are, you can increase your leads and sales.

How much does it cost?

We customize our pricing for each client's business needs to make sure you are only paying for what you're using. You can visit our pricing page to learn more about our general structures or contact us for a demo and a quote.

Can I see the platform?

If you are interested in getting a more in-depth look at the platform, contact us to schedule a demo!

2. Platform Settings

I hear the alert but do not see a new chat on the screen to accept. How do I fix this?

The alerts will disappear if someone else accepts the chat. If you heard the alert but didn't see the chat, it means that one of your teammates responded first.

How do I adjust the volume?

Click on the “bell” icon and set volume levels.

NOTE: These settings are specific to the browser, so if you log in from a different system or clear cache/cookies on the browser, you will need to re-adjust.

How do I unsubscribe someone from receiving SMS campaigns?

If a visitor sends “stop” or “STOP” the system recognizes it as an unsubscribe and automatically marks “do-not-text.” However, if the customer indicates that they do not want to receive texts, you may unsubscribe the visitor from future text messages.

Contact section > Update > Unsubscribe > Update

Do chats that I archive, automatically unarchive (activate)?

Yes. After you archive a conversation, if the visitor sends a message (text or web chat) then the chat conversation is reset to active (unarchived).

3. Platform Display

"Updated At" has 2 timestamps. What are they?

"Updated At" is the sort order for display, and it indicates the last conversation or change timestamp for a chat. "Created At" is the time the visitor (lead) was created as a conversation in Botsplash.

What does "agent notifications sent" mean?

The system is configured for escalation timeout. So if an agent is not logged into Botsplash or is logged in but may have stepped away and does not respond to an incoming visitor message, then the agent receives an SMS or email notification as set up in profile preferences. When an escalation notification is sent, the system records the event. If the Agent is logged out, then the escalations are immediate. If the agent is logged in and does not respond, then the escalations are sent after a few minutes.

What is "Bot" in conversation history?

The system is configured for responding with automated messages. “Bot” indicates that the system's automated response was triggered. When an agent responds, the Agent Name is displayed. “Visitor” indicates messages from the Visitor/Lead.

Some rows are marked in orange. What does that indicate?

If any messages (in specific text messages) fail to be delivered to the visitor due to carrier violation or other cellular issues, those will be marked “orange.” Certain violations can be reset from the dashboard so you can attempt to re-send a new message.