About Us

We create software that helps you convert engagements to closed deals, one digital conversation at a time...

The Botsplash Vision

A successful software is one that brings joy to those that interact with it. The Botsplash suite of digital channels and journeys is convenient, easy-to-access, and easy-to-engage for your customers, and it is elegant for everyday platform users to quickly respond and participate in the conversation.

We are tech builders and product innovators at heart. Our team comprises of experience and talent from leading Fortune 500 companies and mid-size startups.

Botsplash was born from founder Aru Anavekar's experience in the mortgage industry. She saw the communication issues between the agents at mortgage companies and their consumers. Alongside founder Ramu Pulipati, her vision came to life in the form of our platform. The Botsplash process is different from other automated chats because we put human interactions at the core of our platform. By letting human interactions inform our automations, we have seen happier customers and higher conversions.

"The intelligence lies in human beings - the people who are creating the process and continuing it day-in and day-out. Automation will happen on the basis of human intelligence."

- Aru Anavekar | Founder and CEO

Meet the Splashers

Aru Anavekar
Ramu Pulipati
Elizabeth Boylan
Austin Miles
Elena Kormylets
Manita Pradhan (Shrestha)
Mabel Okpara
Sampanna Shrestha
Joseph Howe
Kriti Prajapati
Shirish Dangol
Hardik Poudel
Jack Nixon

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