Media Kit

Please refer to the branding guidelines below for all promotional purposes.

Proper use of the name "Botsplash"

When referring to our company, it is important to use the correct spelling to maintain brand consistency and recognition. The proper way to spell and format our name is: Botsplash

Incorrect Usages: BotSplash, Bot Splash, botSplash, botsplash

Using the correct name not only respects our brand identity but also helps in creating a unified and professional image. If you have any questions about the usage of our brand name or need further guidance, please contact us at

Primary Colors

Botsplash Blue

RGB  26, 91, 155

Alternative Blue

HEX 0C3E82
RGB  12, 62, 130

Dark Blue

HEX  0A2952
RGB  10, 41, 82

Secondary Colors

CTAs, text, accents


HEX  E52D60
RGB  229, 45, 96

Light Blue

RGB  91, 151, 243


RGB  47, 170, 183


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