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Maximize ROI: Generate More Leads, Close More Deals

Converse with your customers over multiple channels on one SaaS-based dashboard.

Boost Revenue Botsplash
Boost Revenue
Cut Costs Botsplash
Cut Costs

Higher revenue need not come at a higher cost.

Botsplash makes it simple for your business to connect with customers via the digital channels they most prefer.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Generate and convert more marketplace traffic.
Higher Sales

Higher Sales

Achieve double-digit lift in conversion and closing.
Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Higher throughput via automated engagement flows.
Shorter Close Times

Shorter Close Times

Decrease the sales cycle to turn leads into deals more efficiently.
Increased Contact Rates

Increased Contact Rates

Guarantee your messages are delivered and read.
Reduced Nurture Times

Reduced Nurture Times

Convert leads into paying customers faster than ever.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Botsplash Products

Easy-to-use solutions that make a big impact

Whether you're looking for tools to speed up your teams engagement process or a solution to combat lost opportunities, these products have you covered!

Generative AI

Let AI pick up the slack

Easily chat with more customers in less time to elevate your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.

Knowledge Base

Natural and accurately generated responses driven from website data.


Conversational summaries that provide reference points to prior chats.

Suggested Reply

On-demand agent generated responses during chat sessions.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze and understand the emotions expressed by customers.

Botsplash Generative AI Features


Seamless appointment scheduling built-in and ready to go

Botsplash Bookme Logo

Easily schedule appointments right on Botsplash. Both users and customers can pick dates and times that work best for an optimal meeting experience. Bookme is integrated with all major calendar systems such as Google and Outlook.

Google Calendar Logo
Outlook Calendar Icon
Bookme Dashboard

Lead Distribution

Effortless lead distribution to maximize engagement & compliance

Streamline your lead distribution process and make sure leads are going to the agents who are best equipped to assist them.

Direct Chat

Engage with leads and collaborate in real-time with other agents.

Audit Logs

Conversational receipts for transparent engagement.

TCPA Compliance

Built-in safeguards help maintain TCPA compliance.


Lead reassignments ensure leads are connected to the right agent.

Botsplash Lead Distribution Example

Custom Flows

Effective conversational flows to fit the needs of your business

Build custom conversational paths that guide users towards an intended goal for your business. Custom flows are excellent options for lean teams or businesses looking to automate mundane tasks.

Tailored User Experiences
Improved Engagement Processes
Efficient Information Gathering
Scalability and Adaptability
Botsplash Custom Flow Setup

Voice & Video Calling

Going beyond messaging

Meaningful connections are more important than ever which is why Botsplash equips your agents with the tools needed to foster real-time, face-to-face interactions with customers.

Instant Connectivity
Visual Engagement
Screen Sharing Capability
Multi-Channel Communication
Botsplash Video Calling Example

Customer-Centric Solutions for Your Industry

Botsplash provides a wide range of solutions to enhance communication within many different industries. Depending on your unique needs, Botsplash can provide a customized experience to fit your industry demands.

Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
Streamline Loan Applications
Compliance & Documentation
Real Time Support
Low Lead Conversions
Inefficient Processes
Expensive Tech Stacks
Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
Quote Generation
Claim Handling
Policy Management
Lead Abandons
Referral & Retention
Lack of Claims Automation
Learn More
Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
Omnichannel Communication
Lead Generation Benefits
Appointment Scheduling
Poor Appointment Setting
After Hours Support
Low Inbound Appointments
Learn More
Real Estate
Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
On-Demand Assistance
Automated Processes
Document Sharing
Real Estate
Lack of Mobile App
Lack of Voice/Video Meetings
Few Inbound Appointments
Learn More
Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
Solar Consultations
Billing & Q/A Support
Installation Tracking
Low Inbound Leads
Subpar Conversion Rates
Inefficient Follow-Up Processes
Learn More
Property Management
Botsplash Mortgage Solutions
Tenant Communication
Lease Renewals
Maintenance Requests/Tracking
Property management
Poor Tenant Communication
Low Lease Renewals
Lack of Ticket Automation
Learn More
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Learn More About Us!

At Botsplash we are proud to provide the most modern consumer engagement solutions on the market today. Our mission is to give our clients top notch customer support and routine platform enhancements. Still not convinced? Schedule a demo and let us show you!

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What our clients say

Our clients are the foundation of what makes Botsplash successful.

Botsplash is core to our company mission & our partnership is driving our customer journey innovation

“They act like a true business partner, not just a vendor or software supplier. As the needs of the business change, the Botsplash team is there to adapt with us and help brainstorm new features and solutions so that we can evolve and meet the changing needs of our customers.”

Magesh Sarma
Chief Information and Strategy Officer
Amerisave Logo

“Botsplash is a first-class company with a top-notch product”

The BotSplash platform goes beyond the chat feature that they are probably best known for.  Their product can drive engagement via chat, text (SMS), social and even through Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) with a direct integration to Google chat which is still pretty rare with most tech providers.

Koby Luedtke
SVP of Digital Lending
Go Mortgage Logo

Botsplash provides a very easy to use omni-channel communication platform that improves the customer journey, maximizing deliverability and helps drive conversions. Having administered Botsplash accounts in the past, I always found their platform delivered exactly what I needed.

Kevin Benner
Director of Business Development
SDP Solutions Logo