Our Timeline

HiBot Logo
Prototype for HiBot chat application,
with a local real estate client
June 2017
September 2017
Aru Anavekar Botsplash CEO
Aru Anavekar starts Botsplash with HiBot application as the base for an omni-channel engagement platform
Amerisave Logo
First enterprise customer onboarded
March 2018
January 2019
Nepal and Ukraine flags
Remote team in Nepal and Ukraine onboarded
iOS App
Botsplash iOS mobile app is launched
June 2019
August 2019
Android App
Launched Botsplash Android mobile app
Authenticated Chat
Introduced enterprise features: Dashboard as widget and Authenticated Chat
October 2019
January 2020
Car with a chat box
Launched messaging for automotive vertical
Google Business Messages Logo
Partnered with Google Business Messages
June 2020
June 2020
Computer with Botsplash video chat on it
Botsplash video chat and screen sharing platform launched
New employee character icons
Charlotte office adds client success, business development, and marketing personnel
August 2020
January 2021
Video Tutorials on Monitor
Botsplash video tutorials platform launched
Nepal Team Map
Nepal team moved to Lalitpur office
February 2021
June 2021
Lead distribution graphic
Botsplash lead distribution and lead routing launched
Charlotte Office Move
Charlotte team moves to Airport Overlook office
July 2021
July 2021
100th tech sprint celebration
Botsplash team completes 100th sprint
Botsplash Dark Mode
Botsplash introduces dark mode as a new platform feature
September 2021
January 2022
Spanish Translate
Botsplash adds Spanish translate as a new platform feature
Charlotte Crown
Botsplash completes SOC 2 Type II examination
March 2022
June 2022
Marketplace Chat
Botsplash launches enhanced marketplace chat
Charlotte Crown
Botsplash launches customer milestone & CRM sync
September 2022
November 2022
Marketplace Chat
Botsplash launches Bookme: A Scheduling Application
Charlotte Crown
Botsplash implements multiple scheduled text
January 2023
March 2023
Marketplace Chat
Botsplash launches the "Blurb": Quick AI Conversational Summaries
Charlotte Crown
Botsplash Adds WhatsApp to its Channel Lineup
June 2023
July 2023
Marketplace Chat
Botsplash is listed on AWS Marketplace & Microsoft AppsSource
Charlotte Crown
Botsplash Introduces Splashy as its Official Avatar
August 2023
August 2023
Marketplace Chat
Botsplash Adds AI Knowledge Base Chat, Suggested Replies, & Sentiment Analysis to its Generative AI Capabilities
Botsplash CRM Lite
Botsplash Introduces CRM Lite: A Built-In Lead Management Solution
January 2024

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