Botsplash for Salesforce

The all-in-one customer communication hub

Combine the power of omnichannel with the world’s top CRM to improve operations, eliminate wasted agent time, and give customers a more personalized experience at scale.

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The Salesforce + Botsplash Experience

The Botsplash + Salesforce integration simplifies complex communication processes, providing users with a user-friendly experience that maximizes productivity and closes more deals. The integration allows users to benefit from both platforms simultaneously while enjoying the convenient features of Botsplash while never leaving the SFDC platform.

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Unified Agent Dashboard

Operate within a single screen on Salesforce, managing conversations and leads efficiently with instant notifications and automatic lead generation.

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SMS Messaging Functionality

Send and synchronize SMS directly from Salesforce with the "Send SMS" button, ensuring seamless communication across platforms with just a click.

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Synced Data Integration

Automatically sync key information between Salesforce and Botsplash, like lead details and opt-out updates, ensuring compliance and data accuracy.

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Feature Accessibility

Direct access to Botsplash's full suite of features through Salesforce, enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency effortlessly.

Key Benefits

Botsplash offers many benefits that redefine and improve customer engagement within the SFDC platform.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Real-Time Interactions

Streamlined Lead Management

  • Efficient Lead Distribution
  • Lead Prioritization/Routing

Productivity and Efficiency

  • In-App Widget
  • Real-Time Sync

Improved User Experience

  • Single Sign-On
  • Eliminate Window Switching

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