Meet your customers where they are.

The communication from all the channels comes directly into Botsplash to make it easy for your agents to respond and convert your leads to customers.

Web Chat

A customizable widget for every website need.


Deliver powerful messages directly to your customer.

Voice and Video Calling

Take it beyond chat with a seamless transition to voice or video calling.

Google Business Messages

Speak to your customers as they discover your business through search.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger conversations are easily answered with Botsplash.


Customized to make sure it's a perfect fit.

We take pride in our customized integrations to ensure Botsplash is working for you, not against you. If you don't see a necessary integration, reach out and we will work with you to make it happen.

Endless possibilities.

With new features constantly being added, our goal at Botsplash is to make communication as seamless as possible for your business. These features make that dream a reality.

Mobile App


Single Sign-On



Multi-Agent Chat

Pull in other agents to easily hand off chat conversations.


A browser notification will ensure you never miss an incoming lead.

Email and SMS Escalations

If you are away from your computer, we can send email and SMS escalations so you can work on the go.

Document Management

Create a library of documents for your agents to attach during your conversations. You can also attach documents from your local files.

Lead Management

Organize your leads within the platform for maximum conversions.


Analyze your customer data to improve your business relationships.


Quickly see where your visitor is from for any location-based decisions.

Canned Messages

Quickly and easily pull in saved messages to common requests to save time for your agents.

Short URL

SMS best practices include short URL's relevant to your company's domain, which you can create through our platform.

One-Click Form

A simple form embedded in the chat widget to quickly gather information.


If your customer is confused, you can co-browse with them to walk them through, step by step.


By sharing screen control, you can ensure your customer understands your instructions.

Returning Visitor

Identifying returning visitors will ensure you don't ever repeat yourself and make them feel valued.

Predictive Times

The customer will see accurate agent wait times to set clear expectations for interactions.

Responsive Design

The widget's responsive design ensures it looks great on any device.

Agent Dashboard

The Botsplash dashboard makes it easy to view conversations, reports, and settings for optimal workflow.

Multiple Phone Providers

We integrate with multiple phone providers, such as Nexmo and Twilio.

IP & Domain Restricted Access

The settings allow you to restrict IP and domains from accessing the chat bot.

Team Management

Managers can see reports on agents, update team composition, and more.

Visitor Identification

No matter what channel the visitor comes from, Botsplash will identify them and give the agent the historical data.

Routing Workflow

Routing will ensure that Botsplash is working for your company by setting customizable workflows.


Create campaigns to nurture your leads and increase conversions. Botsplash's SMS best practice reduces the number of messages marked as spam and increases your delivery rate.

Open API Access

Our open API access means that we can integrate with almost anybody, including your business.

Custom Integrations

We are committed to working with your company to integrate with any software you are using.