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At AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation, we are committed to making the journey of home ownership more affordable. Technology is core to this strategy - using it to make the process easier and quicker for our audiences - automating processes that don’t need human interactions, while also enabling more connections when a live person providing guidance is critical. Our goal is to make the digital experience positive and even uplifting for both consumers and employees alike.  

This intersection between humans and technology has been greatly enhanced by our partners at Botsplash.  Their technology powers our experiences. Over the past few years, we have been working closely with them to enable significant connections throughout the customer journey, including a variety of features that power marketing outreach and enhance the UI on amerisave.com to backend systems that support our Loan Originators.

  • Push messaging that keeps customers informed of the volatile nature of rates in our current market
  • Customer-facing chat technology that enables automated searching for frequently asked questions, lead forms to collect initial interest, and live connection to our Loan Originators who can help give them a quote in just three minutes
  • On-the-go connections for our Loan Originators who can connect with consumers via the Botsplash application from their phone or their desktop - powering one-to-one connections wherever you are as long as you can access an internet connection
  • Connection to consumers within social (via Meta’s Messenger integration) - so that we can serve them in the channels they spend their time

In addition to these efforts, the Botsplash dashboard provides analytics and insights that help us identify if issues are happening throughout the application process, while also showcasing a view of conversion and consumer sentiment. Logging into their streamlined and highly visual dashboard can unlock new ideas and help guide business decisions by giving us a real-time view of conversations between consumers and loan originators.

These moments are some of the most critical touchpoints of our customers’ journey - having a trusted partner that can help us power it has been game-changing for the experience we provide our customers and our employees. Not only does the technology support us, but the customer service of the entire Botsplash team is second to none. They act like a true business partner, not just a vendor or software supplier. As the needs of the business change, the Botsplash team is there to adapt with us and help brainstorm new features and solutions so that we can evolve and meet the changing needs of our customers.

About AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation
Founded in 2002, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation is a leading mortgage lender best known for pioneering the first truly digital mortgage experience to borrowers. With six major loan centers located across the U.S., AmeriSave is a direct-to-consumer lender, Equal Housing Lender, licensed in 49 states and D.C., not licensed in NY; FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA approved. For more information, visit www.amerisave.com. NMLS ID #1168. For licensing information, go to www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.

Kevin Benner
Magesh Sarma
Chief Information and Strategy Officer
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Botsplash is a first-class company with a top-notch product.

For our company, the immediate need was a tool that would equip our Client Engagement Team with a way to quickly and efficiently transfer text & chat leads.  In many cases this had to occur mid-conversation and direct to a specific loan officer smoothly without a ton of thought or confusing steps.  We also needed something that could automatically follow up with leads real-time with just enough AI to create the appropriate initial engagement and steer the client/lead into a conversation.  Botsplash delivered on both accounts.

The Botsplash platform goes beyond the chat feature that they are probably best known for.  Their product can drive engagement via chat, text (SMS), social and even through Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) with a direct integration to Google chat which is still pretty rare with most tech providers.

Something else worth noting is that Botsplash is driving LIVE interaction with the lead/client.  There are a lot of chat widgets out there that will tease strong website conversion numbers when it comes to capturing lead data points, but there’s a major difference between capturing information and capturing LIVE lead conversation.  Botsplash allows our front-line team the ability to engage with the lead and go straight into a sales conversation.  Plus, if the lead needs to be transferred internally, our team can seamlessly hand them off warmly within the same SMS/chat to the appropriate team or home loan advisor.

Velocify Integration - Our team loves the direct integration to Velocify so that’s been an added win.  They’ve recently added an update that allows real-time two-way milestone updates between their product and Velocify which has been a hit with our Loan Officers.  Botsplash also brings an amazing mobile app that makes lead engagement away from the desktop fairly seamless.

Meeting Customer On Their Terms - The true omni-channel approach that Botsplash offers allows our teams the ability to communicate with the customer exactly where and when they want to be communicated with.  This helps us start the sales process off on the right foot each time.

Strong Partnership - They have an awesome team and have been outstanding vendor partners from the beginning.  Their platform is incredibly easy for our team to use and has enabled us to become super effective in cultivating lead & client relationships at scale with just enough thoughtful automation.  They're very receptive when we’ve asked for modifications for our specific needs and quick to deliver some impressive and thoughtful changes.  On top of that the Botsplash team is always quick to respond and provides MVP level support when we need an assist which is so important for a company like ours.

Botsplash has been a welcome add to our tech stack. Thanks for everything, team.  Keep up the great work!

Kevin Benner
Koby Luedtke
SVP of Digital Lending
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At Perry Johnson Mortgage Company, we’re committed to communicating with our clients when and how they prefer. We have been using Botsplash for our online and text chat needs for some time now, and I am highly impressed with the platform. The CEO, and the team, have become a trusted partner and one of my favorite people to work with. The entire team at Botsplash is exceptionally talented and dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Botsplash is a fantastic platform for online and text chat needs and has some of the best features I have seen in the industry. One of the features I particularly like is the iOS and Android apps that allow our agents to chat with clients from anywhere; this was a game-changer for our business. The Facebook and Google Chat integrations are also seamless and make it easy for clients to reach us through their preferred channels. The advanced reporting is well executed, and insights are excellent, giving us valuable data that has driven meaningful change in our business and strategy. Additionally, our frontline managers can monitor client interactions in real-time to ensure all clients have a fantastic experience and that no sales opportunity is lost. Botsplash has been a critical ingredient in allowing us to provide top-notch service consistently. Overall, Botsplash is a phenomenal platform that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a robust text and online chat solution.

I highly recommend Botsplash for anyone needing a top-notch online and text chat platform.

Brian Surgener
Josh Anderson
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Botsplash remains the most important tool in our tech stack. The SMS features are in a league of their own compared to the native solutions the major CRM’s offer today. We have been a partner for over three years now and cannot say enough about the communication and willingness to always improve the platform. The Botsplash team is always looking for ways to improve the user and customer experience.

It’s no secret that margin compression and rising rates have made it very difficult on mortgage lenders. We have had to re-evaluate expenses like most lenders, but Botsplash is not something we treat as an expense. It’s viewed as a necessary investment in any environment to increase contact and conversion rates.

SMS done right, in our opinion, is the most effective way to communicate with today’s borrower.

Botsplash when integrated into your workflow and integrated properly with your tech stack, will be one of the best investments you will make for customers and your employees.

Kevin Benner
Todd Feager
Division Manager - Consumer Direct
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Better Car People has the distinct pleasure of working with the Botsplash team since early 2020. Better Car People is a leader in automotive engagement solutions and provides omnichannel engagement for automotive dealerships. When looking to expand our engagement channels, we elected Botsplash as a logical choice. Botsplash has been an excellent partner for B2C website chat communications. Better Car People has trained automotive agents and Botsplash has a comprehensive software solution.

Integrating our agents and existing software into Botsplash was seamless. Their team is both responsive and willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the segmented automotive vertical.  Botsplash’s chat software allows our agents to quickly respond to inbound chats, texts, and Facebook Messenger inquiries through an easy to use single interface.

Botsplash’s support is exceptional. They take every request seriously and offer timely feedback and updates. New features are rolled out and explained extensively through write ups, training,  and webinars.

Overall, Botsplash is a great company to work with and their software is an enjoyment to use. I’d recommend their services to anyone.

Kevin Benner
Scott Hendrick
Project Manager
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Botsplash is not just a communication platform vendor but a trusted partner in our customer outreach program.  Botsplash’s robust platform allows our sales, sales support and operations staff to stay engaged with our customers from prospecting to clients for life.  Allowing simple integrations for chat on our website to automated engaging text messages helping drive higher conversions.  If you want a partner to work with you on optimizing your chat and text contact strategy, you want Botsplash.

Brian Surgener
Brian Surgener
Senior Vice President of Strategy
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Botsplash offers great products developed by an amazing group of people. Aru is one of my favorite and she has built and fantastic team. Botsplash provides a very easy to use omni-channel communication platform that improves the customer journey, maximizing deliverability and helps drive conversions. Having administered Botsplash accounts in the past, I always found their platform delivered exactly what I needed. Excellent reporting, easy A/B testing and simple to integrate into a lead management system. Plus, if you drive any traffic to your website, their chat service is a must.

Kevin Benner
Kevin Benner
Director of Business Development
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