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Higher lock rates

Increase your response time to close leads.

Leads are very valuable in the mortgage industry and we know that, which is why Botsplash has created the perfect tool to ensure more of those leads convert to customers. Mortgage companies using Botsplash have experienced an 8% lift in lock rates.


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Incredible efficiency for your agents.

Web Chat

Unlimited options mixing live chat with automation, your leads will get the information they need to convert.

Customize the flows, color themes and animation for pages for your site or on an affiliate/lead-gen site

SMS Campaigns

Botsplash's SMS best practices reduces the number of messages marked as spam and increases your delivery rate.

Manage "new engagement" vs "portfolio retention" tracks separate, to get the most of each campaign

Drive more calls to close the deals or drastically reduce inbound FAQ calls. What is your goal?

Screenshare and co-browse

Going beyond chat...

Hop on an instant ScreenShare, Audio or Video Call with the customer

Instant tools to assist you to close more deals - fast and easy


Botsplash has reports based on volume, channels, lead sources, agent performance, and so much more. We also work with our clients to create custom reports to ensure they have the numbers they need
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