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Automotive Solutions

Modernize your communication process.

The automotive industry has gone through many changes over the last several years, but at its heart, it’s still about connecting drivers with their vehicles. Conversations can happen anywhere and your communication strategy should be available where your customers are.

Botsplash provides industry leading consumer engagement solutions that not only sell cars but create loyal customers as well.

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Solutions for every model...

Automotive Financing

Consumers have many options when financing their vehicle such as direct financing, indirect financing, or even personal loans. They have even more options when it comes to how they want to talk to a lender. The Botsplash customer engagement platform provides multiple digital channels and multiple communication options to ensure lenders and customers have an open road for communication.


The modern dealership looks a lot like a living room where your customers can look at your inventory on the sofa and schedule their service without saying a word. Using Botsplash, your customers will have more ways to reach your dealership while you retain more profit and improve their buying experience. Unify your dealership’s communication process through additional channels and cross-departmental conversations.


When a dealer uses a BDC, they expect any customer inquiry to be answered at any time, but most BDCs are locked in to phone and emails. Let Botsplash be the competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest. Enhance your product offering and internal efficiency through automated and live processes.

Automotive Marketplaces

Botsplash is more than a customer engagement platform. We work with our clients to deliver not only top of funnel organic leads, but we also partner with lead generation marketplaces to connect high intent consumers with our clients, whether they’re dealers, lenders, BDCs, or some other industry.

Marketing Agencies

You’ve improved your clients’ brand, maybe even designed a new logo. You’ve updated their website, but have you improved and updated how their customers can communicate with them? Improve your product offering by making options available such as customizable chat, canned messages, scheduled send, digital channel integrations and more. Best of all, it probably already works with their CRM and LMS.

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Turbocharged Communication Channels

Multi-Agent Chat
Multi-Agent Chat
Multi-Agent Chat
Multi-Agent Chat