SOC 2 Type II

Security is a core tenant of Botsplash.

Our website chat widget can be customized by color, branding, routing, automation, and more so it will fit your website perfectly. You can also create multiple iterations for different webpages to ensure each version matches the page.

How we keep you secure...

  • All data at-rest and in-transit are encrypted, in some cases multiple times to protect sensitive data.
  • All Botsplash production infrastructure is limited to Botsplash employees that are physically located in the US only. Restricted with access from office IP locations or VPN based access and must use 2-factor authentication, when available.
  • Data purge & privacy policy as guided by clients for their account.
  • Data access and network access secured using best practices and finest in class strategies : Account level lockdowns, Web Application Firewall, etc.
  • Botsplash only supports traffic over encrypted networks and automatically upgrades all insecure traffic to SSL traffic for better security.
  • Provide flexibility for clients to control access to their application and in a secure way using custom domains, IP restrictions, and client-specific application policies.
  • Follow 12-factor application development methodology.
  • TCPA compliant SMS campaigns.
Platform Security
Botsplash Hosting

Multiple hosting models

The quickest way to get started with Botsplash is “software as a service” model that will generate a new account. However, it may not be ideal for certain financial institutions or large enterprises that require a higher level of data isolation and have security access restrictions. We have multiple hosting models so you can choose what is best for your business.

Amazon Web Services

The primary Botsplash SaaS offering is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Botsplash leverages Amazon AWS infrastructure to scale up applications, network bandwidth and data storage as needed to meet the client SLAs.

AWS is the preferred cloud hosting provider for Botsplash applications, but it is not mandatory. We will work with you to find the best cloud provider for your partnership with Botsplash.

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