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Chat with more customers in less time. Botsplash AI solutions enables unparalleled customer engagement, streamlined support, and personalized interactions, elevating your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights.

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Let AI pick up the slack.

Alleviate the stress of a heavy workload by using AI to handle routine tasks, provide instant support, and enhance customer interactions. With AI, agents can focus on delivering higher-value assistance, building relationships, and handling more challenging queries.

The Botsplash Blurb

The Blurb is a conversational summary that provides agents with quick reference points into the topics of past conversations.

Identify High-Intent Leads
Streamline Customer Interactions
Speed Up the Follow-Up Process

AI Knowledge Base

Our AI Knowledge Base feature provides natural and accurate responses to commonly asked questions, enhancing customer support and engagement. The models learn and are trained through in-depth site crawls to properly respond to queries.

Suggested Replies

Suggested Replies allow agents to quickly generate responses on demand in the middle of an engagement session. With the simple click of a button, the message box will fill itself with an accurate AI-generated response streamlining conversations for both the agent and customer.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity
Keep Conversations Consistent & Accurate
Boost Agent Empowerment

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis enables businesses to automatically analyze and understand the emotions and opinions expressed by customers in their interactions with AI prompts and gives users the ability to identify potential issues.

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