Why Botsplash?

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the beauty of botsplash

Combining automation with human interaction for the best experience.

Botsplash has found a way to combine your agents' expertise and personal touch with automation in order to create an optimized experience for both the customer and the agent. Unlike our competitors, Botsplash takes a human-first approach and lets the real interactions inform how and when to use automation. This ensures it is the perfect fit for your agents' workflow and customers' purchase journey.
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Human Interactions

Each conversation has nuances that only your agents can handle. That is why we have created a platform that brings all the communication channels to one place for your agents so they can quickly respond and efficiently turn leads into customers.

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There are common questions that can either be answered without an agent or can receive a canned response. Botsplash weaves automation into your agents' workflow to ensure that their time is being spent efficiently.

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Data is valuable and should remain private, which is why we work so hard to ensure our security is top-notch.

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What else?

With a caring sales team and responsive support team, Botsplash is here to partner with your company to create a customized solution. Your wins are our wins. Ready to get started?

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