Responsive Design

Revolutionize Your Customer Support with Botsplash’s responsive chat widgets for seamless engagement.

Botsplash’s responsive chat widget works flawlessly across all platforms, so you can provide your clients with an enjoyable and stress-free experience, no matter what device they are using.

Improved User Experience

Impress your customer with a responsive chat widget that can be accessed from any platform. With this user-friendly feature, your customer can easily engage with your brand and get the support they need, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Increased Accessibility

Expand your reach and connect with more users through a responsive chat widget that offers seamless accessibility on all platforms. With increased accessibility comes endless opportunities for engagement and conversions.

Better Customer Support

Elevate your customer support with Botsplash’s responsive chat widget. With the power of responsive design, the support team is just a click away from your customers, making it easier for them to get the assistance they need.

Increased Sales

Level up your sales game by delivering exceptional customer support that will boost customer satisfaction and increase your revenue. With an easy, responsive, engaging, and accessible customer chat widget, you can deliver exceptional customer service that people crave more.

Better Analytics

Get an accurate view of your website analytics and easily track user interactions. Since one chat widget is responsive to different devices, you get better analytics to analyze user behavior and optimize your website performance.

So, impress and engage your customers with Botsplash’s responsive chat widget- your solution for exceptional customer engagement throughout all devices.

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Does the chat widget work on all popular platforms?

The widget is compatible with major browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Your customers can seamlessly connect regardless of their preferred device.

Can I track user interactions through the widget?

Yes, Botsplash provides detailed analytics on chat widget usage. You can track metrics like chat volume, response times, user behavior within the widget, and device breakdown. This valuable data helps you optimize your website and support strategies for better results.

Can I customize the appearance and branding of the chat widget?

Yes, Botsplash lets you personalize the widget to match your brand colors, logo, and messaging, creating a seamless and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.