Returning Visitor

Treat and value your returning visitor like an old friend with Botsplash!

At Botsplash, we know that every returning visitor is like an old friend who deserves a warm welcome and personalized attention. By matching the visitors contact information, this feature allows you to recognize your returning visitor and pick up where we left off, so you don't have to repeat yourself and show that you value them.

Make Your Visitors Feel Valued

Warm welcome your returning visitors and make them feel that you appreciate their loyalty and value their time and efforts. By identifying them, you can give them the recognition and value they deserve. After all, a little recognition can go a long way in building a solid and loyal user base.

Know the Context

Pick up the conversation where you left off such that your returning customers don't have to repeat them. Know their information, history, preferences, and needs so that they feel heard and understood. It saves the effort and frustration of starting all over again.

Personalize the Experience

By tracking a user's previous interactions with your website or platform, you can offer them product recommendations, solutions, and services tailored to their interests. This can lead to higher engagement, better conversion rates, and a boost in your sales.

Improved Engagement

Returning visitors are more likely to be engaged with your website or platform than first-time visitors. You can further enhance their engagement by identifying them and providing them with personalized content.

Better Analytics

Gather valuable data on your returning visitor's behavior and use it to optimize your website or platform. Know how many visitors are returning and how many are new visitors.This data can help you create a more effective strategy to meet their needs and ultimately achieve your business goals.

So, welcome your returning visitors like old friends and boost customer engagement with Botsplash's returning visitor feature.

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How does Botsplash identify returning visitors?

Botsplash utilizes multiple means to identify returning visitors, including:

  • Cookies: By storing unique cookies on visitor devices, Botsplash can recognize their return visits.
  • Email addresses: Matching email addresses used for previous interactions helps connect individuals across different sessions.
  • IP addresses: Analyzing IP addresses can provide additional context, especially for shared devices or corporate networks.

At what level of detail does Botsplash remember previous interactions?

The level of detail depends on your configuration. You can choose to remember:

  • Basic information: Names, email addresses, phone numbers.
  • Conversation history: Past chat transcripts and exchanged files.
  • Preferences and interests: Product interests, browsing behavior, completed forms.

How can the analytics data improve my website or platform?

Analyze visitor behavior insights to:

  • Understand how returning visitors interact with your content.
  • Identify popular products or services among this group.
  • Optimize website layout and navigation for returning visitors.
  • Personalize future content and marketing campaigns based on their preferences.

Does the ‘Returning Visitor’ feature invade customer privacy?

Botsplash prioritizes user privacy and complies with data protection regulations. You can set clear consent prompts and anonymize certain data if needed.