Screen Sharing

No more lengthy phone calls and complicated explanations! With Botsplash screen-sharing feature, it's time to level up and embrace the power of visual engagement.

At Botsplash, we understand the importance of speed and convenience in the modern customer service landscape. We are proud to introduce our screen sharing feature, designed to take your customer service to the next level.

Real-time Problem Solving

No more sending a bunch of screenshots or struggling to explain a software setup over the phone! With screen sharing, your agents can simply share their screen with customers and show them how to solve the problem step by step.

Improved Customer Engagement

Tap into the power of visual learning and help the customer understand better. With Botsplash's screen sharing feature, customers can see your entire screen, making it easier for them to understand and follow along. Use the power of presentation and interactive videos to leave a lasting impression and improve customer engagement like never before.

Faster resolution times

Say goodbye to frustrating slow, and complicated support processes. With screen sharing, you can provide real-time support with visual aids, resulting in quick problem-solving and faster resolution times.

Delightful Customer Experience

No more endless loop of back-and-forth communication with customers! Effortlessly resolve customer issues with the help of visual aids, eliminating any confusion or miscommunication. This leads to a more efficient process and a delightful experience for the customer.

So, embrace the power of visual communication and elevate your customer service to new heights with Botsplash's screen sharing feature.

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Is screen sharing easy for both agents and customers to use?

Yes, Botsplash's screen-sharing feature is designed for user-friendliness. Agents can initiate and manage sharing with a few clicks, and customers receive clear instructions for joining the session. No software downloads are required for customers, making it hassle-free.

Does screen-sharing impact security or privacy?

Data security is a top priority. Botsplash employs robust security measures to ensure that only authorized users can access shared screens. Customers can share their entire screen or specific applications, maintaining control over sensitive information.

What types of problems can screen-sharing help solve?

Screen-sharing solves issues requiring visual guidance, such as software troubleshooting, configuration setups, form completion, product demonstrations, and more. It eliminates time spent on long explanations and screenshots, leading to faster resolutions.