Knowledge Base

Effortlessly resolve customer queries with Botsplash's smart knowledge base responses!

Botsplash's Knowledge Base is a powerful AI-powered tool that understands the questions' topic and intent and looks for the best possible answer from the content available in the knowledge base. This enables you to give quick and accurate answers without any human intervention.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the chatbot can understand the intent and topic of a question and provide a descriptive response, all while using content already populated and prepared as part of the knowledge base. Plus, related articles are linked for customers to dive even deeper into the information they need.

Customizable Responses

The Knowledge Base's responses are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the content to your needs. You can easily manage and update knowledge base content, add new information, or delete unnecessary information. With complete control over your knowledge base, you can ensure customers receive only the most relevant and accurate information.

Streamlined Workflow

Reduce the load on your customer service team and empower them to focus on more complex issues. Our knowledge base streamlines customer service workflows by providing quick and accurate responses to common questions. With fewer repetitive inquiries, your team can provide higher-quality customer service.

Quick and 24/7 Response

Say goodbye to long wait times for customer service representatives! With Knowledge Base, customer inquiries can be resolved even when your team is out of the office. The chatbot utilizes the data and keywords in the knowledge base to provide prompt solutions to customer queries. And with easy-to-follow guides available, customers can feel satisfied with the quick and efficient service.

Consistent and Accurate Responses

No more inconsistent and inaccurate responses! Using the knowledge base, you can ensure that all customer inquiries are responded to consistently and accurately. This helps to avoid confusion and frustration for customers and helps to build trust and credibility for the business.

So, streamline your customer service workflows and enhance customer satisfaction with Botsplash's knowledge base.

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Is the Botsplash Knowledge Base easy to use?

Yes! As an AI-powered tool, the Botsplash Knowledge Base can understand the intent and deliver the answers users seek in their search. In addition to that, the knowledge base has easy-to-follow guides for customers.

How accurate are knowledge base responses compared to actual people?

While they may not perfectly replicate the nuance of a person, Botsplash's knowledge base responses are remarkably accurate for common and well-defined queries. AI and machine learning ensure responses are aligned with your specific content and answer the user's intent.

Will the customer get 24/7 support even when my team is offline?

Yes, the knowledge base is available 24/7 to answer customer questions and queries. Users can find timely solutions and self-service options even when your team is unavailable, improving overall customer satisfaction and avoiding wait times.