Routing Workflow

Optimize Your Customer Interactions with Botsplash's routing workflow!

With Botsplash's routing capabilities, you can customize each chat widget and route to teams to manage all customer interactions efficiently and effectively. This allows the visitor to have a specific experience via chat based on where/how they interact with the company. This feature is to be set up by the Botsplash team only, but can be customized to the customer's preferences.

Customizable Routing Workflows

Customize the customer interactions based on where and how they interact with your company. For instance, if a visitor accesses your website, you might require their personal information, whereas if they approach you via a Facebook page, such information may not be necessary. Similarly, you can control where the visitors are routed based on their requirements. For example, if someone needs customer service and not sales, the chat route can be set up to go only to customer service teams.

Improved Customer Experience

Ensure that customer inquiries are directed to the right person or team, leading to faster and more accurate responses. This reduces wait times, avoids transferring customers between multiple agents, and ensures that the customer's needs are addressed promptly and effectively. Ultimately, this leads to a positive customer experience and helps build brand loyalty.

Increased Efficiency

Streamline the customer service process, making it more efficient for agents and customers. Routing workflows automate directing inquiries to the appropriate agent or team, reducing the time and effort required to handle each interaction. This leads to faster resolution times, more effective resource utilization, and increased productivity.

Better Resource Allocation

Optimize your resources by directing inquiries to the most appropriate agent or team based on their skills, experience, and availability. This ensures that each inquiry is handled by the most qualified person, leading to higher-quality interactions, faster resolution times, and improved overall performance.

Increased Flexibility

Tailor your customer service processes based on your unique needs and requirements. This provides the flexibility to adjust routing workflows as needed in response to changing business needs or customer preferences.

So, take control of your customer interactions and create a personalized experience that truly sets you apart.

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How does the routing workflow consider the visitor's interaction source?

You can set up rules based on how visitors initiate contact (website, social media, etc.). This allows you to request relevant information (like personal details) or route them to specialized teams based on their initial purpose (customer service vs. sales).

What are the benefits of using Botsplash's routing workflow for my customer interactions?

Botsplash's routing workflow offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved customer experience: By routing inquiries to the right team or agent, you ensure faster and more accurate responses, reducing wait times and frustration.
  • Increased efficiency: Automating routing saves time and effort for both agents and customers, leading to faster resolution times and improved productivity.
  • Better resource allocation: Match inquiries with the most skilled and available agents, maximizing your team's effectiveness.
  • Increased flexibility: Customize routing workflows based on your needs and customer preferences, adapting to changing circumstances.

Can I track the effectiveness of my routing workflows?

Yes, Botsplash provides analytics on routing performance. You can track metrics like agent utilization, resolution times, and customer satisfaction to assess your workflows' effectiveness and identify improvement areas.