Canned Messages

Say goodbye to repetitive questions and the frustration that comes with answering them!

Enhance your sales team's efficiency and accuracy by gifting them the power of Botsplash's Canned Messages Feature !

Pre-save Your Responses

Prepare ahead of time by creating pre-saved responses for frequently asked questions. Many customers ask similar questions, so by recognizing them and having prepared answers, you can concentrate on handling more complex questions without delay.

Personal & Company Categorization

For ease of use, Botsplash’s canned messages can be separated into "personal" (created by agents) and "common" (created by the company). Company administrators can set messages accessible to all users, while personal messages can only be seen by the agent who created them. This way, your agents can have canned messages tailored to their needs.

Quick Response

With just a click, you can attach a pre-written response and send it off to your leads. The bank of canned messages is always at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly select the perfect answer. Plus, the messages are organized into categories, making it even easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Handle Multiple Customers Effortlessly

Tackle repetitive inquiries with ease and manage multiple customers seamlessly. With Botsplash's canned response feature, you can swiftly address potential queries and provide prompt service, leaving no customer feeling ignored and reducing their wait time.Effortlessly tackle the tough stuff while letting canned messages handle the rest.

No Typos, Only Professionalism

Say farewell to embarrassing typos and hello to a polished message with Botsplash canned message feature. No more worrying about misspelled words or incorrect grammar – pre-written, accurate responses ensure you communicate with confidence and provide a top-notch customer experience every time.

Advanced Filters

With the filtering capabilities of Botsplash, finding the perfect saved response has never been easier. Simply start typing your message and watch as only relevant pre-written responses appear, allowing for effortless navigation and seamless customer support.

Personalizable Message

With Botsplash's canned messaging, you can add a touch of personalization to each response by using customizable "tokens." These tokens allow you to easily insert customer information, such as their first and last name, email, or even information about the agent responding. This personalized touch adds a human connection to ensure canned message doesnot look boring template.

Product Categories

Organize your canned messages by product category or team to ensure your customers receive the right help at the right time. Categorize your support agents as Tech support and Client success team each with their own set of tailored messages.No more searching through a sea of messages, just quick and efficient support for your customers.

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Quick and accurate answers to customer inquiries can greatly impact their satisfaction levels and drive up conversion rates. Enhance your customer experience with Botsplash's canned messages feature. By providing fast, precise responses, you can increase customer satisfaction and skyrocket your conversion rates.

Easy Set Up

Let our talented client success team handle the setup for you! They'll take care of all the technicalities so you can start enjoying the benefits of the feature with ease.

So, don't let repetitive questions slow you down - embrace the power of canned messages and transform your customer service game!

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Can I customize the pre-written canned responses to fit my specific brand voice and tone?

Yes! Although the feature provides pre-written templates, you can edit them freely to match your brand's tone and voice. This ensures consistency and professionalism in your customer interactions.

Can I track the usage of specific canned messages to see which ones are most effective?

Yes, Botsplash offers analytics that tracks how often each canned message is used. This data helps you identify which messages are most helpful and which may need improvement.

What happens if a customer asks a question not covered by canned responses?

Your agents can easily switch to manual typing for unique inquiries. The canned messages address frequent concerns and only partially replace agent interaction.

Does using canned messages make customer service seem impersonal?

Not at all! You can personalize each response using "tokens" that automatically insert customer information like names or product details. This adds a human touch and shows genuine care for individual needs.