Agent Dashboard

Unleash the Power of Customer Interactions with Our Agent Dashboard !

Botsplash’s powerful agent dashboard provides a centralized view of all customer interactions, enabling you to manage and respond to customer inquiries across multiple channels seamlessly.

Centralized View of Customer Interactions

Get comprehensive and centralized view of all your customer interactions regardless of the channel so that you can access all relevant information in one place. No more hassle of juggling multiple screens and channels, just seamless customer information you need at your fingertips.

Improved Agent Productivity

Streamline the workflow with shared visitors, follow up, inbox, reports and contacts so that you can prioritize tasks and respond to customer inquiries quickly. Also with easy access to canned message, templates and inbox, you can deal with multiple customers effortlessly.

Better Collaboration Among Agents

Share the information and collaborate on customer issues with add agent option and shared visitor option. Also, create teams and manage team members seamlessly exploiting the synergy effect and pathway to better teamwork and collaboration.

Customizable User Interface

Tailor your dashboard as per you specific requirement. Enable the features and notifications that you want, so you can focus on the tasks that are most relevant to your role and yield more productivity.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

Integrate the dashboard with other systems such as CRM and marketing automation platforms giving you access to customer data and history within the dashboard.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Get real-time reports of your customer engagement such as total visitors, new visitors, engaged visitors, undeliverable , visitors channels, new and returning visitors etc. Make data driven decisions based on the real time customer data and optimize the customer experience.

Multi- Platform Compatibility

Never miss a beat when it comes to managing your customer interactions. Access your dashboard from any platforms such as desktop and mobile with ease. Also, seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile and stay on top of your customer interactions.

Don't let untapped potential go to waste. Unleash the power of customer interactions today with our Botsplash’s agent dashboard and level up your customer service !

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What types of real-time data and reports are available?

The dashboard offers a range of real-time insights into your customer engagement. You can monitor KPIs such as total visitors, new visitors, engaged visitors, channel breakdowns, undelivered messages, and even identify returning visitors. This real-time data empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your communication strategies, and constantly improve the customer experience.

How does the dashboard enable team collaboration?

Botsplash facilitates teamwork through features like adding additional agents to specific conversations, sharing visitor information, and creating dedicated teams. This allows multiple agents to collaborate on complex issues, share expertise, and ensure seamless knowledge transfer within the team.

Are the dashboard layout and features customizable?

Absolutely! The Agent Dashboard is adaptable to your needs. You can choose which features are displayed prominently, turn notifications on or off, and rearrange elements to prioritize information relevant to your role and workflow. This personalized experience fosters greater efficiency and control.

How does the "Centralized View of Customer Interactions" benefit businesses?

The dashboard aggregates web chat, SMS, and social media in one place, showcasing conversation history, customer information, and relevant details for each interaction. This eliminates the need to switch between channels or search for information, saving time and effort.