Auto Unsubscribe

Focus on those who truly matter with Botsplash’s Auto Unsubscribe Feature!

With Botsplash's auto unsubscribe feature, the uninterested SMS recipients can easily opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving future messages so that you can focus on the ones who matter.

Stay Compliant

Auto-unsubscribe feature is a legal requirement in the USA under Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Using Auto-Unsubscribe, comply with these regulations and avoid potential legal troubles.

Improved Customer Experience

Give your customers the power to choose! Customers appreciate having control over their communication with businesses, and by offering them an option to opt out, you're building trust, enhancing satisfaction, and valuing their preferences and privacy.

Higher Engagement Rates

Improve your SMS engagement rates by sending SMS only to subscribers genuinely interested in your business. With the auto unsubscribe feature, you are focusing on the right prospects, leading to higher engagement rates, higher sales, and a loyal customer base.

Better Data Quality

When recipients opt out, you can remove their contact information from their database, improving the accuracy and relevance of your SMS campaigns. This way, you are filtering the recipients who are interested and not interested in your product and services.

Cost Savings

SMS campaigns can be expensive, especially if many messages are sent to uninterested or inactive recipients. By offering the Auto-Unsubscribe feature, you can target only those likely to engage with your messages, saving resources and reducing costs.

Seamless Activation

Get in touch with our amazing client success team to activate the feature.They will get you up and running in no time .

So, say goodbye to uninterested customers and focus on the ones who matter. With Botsplash's auto unsubscribe feature, optimize your time, effort, and resources on engaging with the individuals who are genuinely invested in your brand.

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Does the auto unsubscribe feature comply with all regulations?

Botsplash's auto-unsubscribe feature addresses explicit compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). However, consulting your legal counsel regarding compliance with relevant regulations in your specific region or industry is always recommended.

How does auto unsubscribe improve customer experience?

Offering an opt-out option demonstrates respect for your customers' preferences and privacy. This enhances trust, encourages future engagement, and prevents unsolicited messages from causing frustration.

How can I measure the impact on engagement rates?

By comparing engagement metrics before and after activating the auto-unsubscribe feature, you can see if focusing on interested recipients leads to higher conversion rates, opens, and click-through rates in your SMS campaigns.

How does the auto unsubscribe feature work for recipients?

Depending on your configuration, recipients can unsubscribe from your SMS list in several ways. They can reply with predefined keywords like "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE," click on a link provided in the SMS message, or even directly opt-out through Botsplash's chatbot interface.