Lead Management

Unlock Limitless Lead Management Possibilities with Botsplash!

Leads are the fuel that drives your business, but managing them can be a constant battle. With Botsplash, you can streamline your lead management process and take control of your leads like never before!

Generate Leads Effortlessly

Establish your preferred lead generation channels and start generating leads with ease. We've covered you, whether it's websites, phone numbers, call forwarding, email, social media, or Google business messaging.

Distribute Leads with Custom Rules

Create custom rules to distribute leads to suitable agents for their specific needs. Streamline your lead distribution process and make sure leads are going to the agents who are best equipped to assist them.

Maximize Productivity with Lead Capping

Lead capping capabilities help you balance your team's workload and maximize lead conversion rates. Set limits on the number of leads each agent can receive, either uniform or based on their badge level and take the first step towards a more productive team

Nurture Your Leads with Personalized Campaigns

Keep your leads engaged and moving towards conversion with personalized email and SMS campaigns. Take your lead management efforts to the next level and keep your leads interested and invested in your business.

Track Your Leads with Real-Time Reporting

Track the source of your leads and make data-driven decisions for maximum ROI and continued success.

Let Botsplash simplify your lead management journey by streamlining your lead management process, improving efficiency, and enabling you to focus on the main part- converting leads into paying customers!

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How does lead distribution work with Botsplash?

You can set custom rules to distribute leads based on specific criteria like agent expertise, skillset, or workload. This ensures leads reach the most suitable agent for conversion, maximizing efficiency and success rates.

What is lead capping, and what benefit does it have?

Lead capping sets limits on the number of leads each agent receives. This prevents overwhelming agents, maintains fair distribution, and ensures quality interactions for each lead.

What kind of data can I track with Botsplash's reporting?

You can track the following with Bootsplash'sBotsplash's reporting:

  • Track lead sources
  • Conversion rates
  • Agent performance
  • Campaign effectiveness

This data empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your lead management strategy, and maximize your return on investment.