The Top Five Most Popular Botsplash Integrations
December 16, 2022

The Top Five Most Popular Botsplash Integrations

Botsplash is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that can be easily adapted for how our customers want to use it. Each client is unique and has its own set-up, but there are some similarities across the board. Here we present the top five most popular integrations.


Velocify may be the most heavily used CRM in the mortgage industry. With its lending-focused interface, Velocify describes itself as the industry’s lead management software. They allow loan officers to more efficiently and effectively drive sales, communicate with borrowers, and close loans faster. All CRMs are built to move leads through a pipeline, and Velocify does this well and communicates between different ICE add-ons and applications.

Botsplash enhances the communication conducted through Velocify and ties all conversations back to the Velocify CRM-ID. Permitted Velocify data will display within the Botsplash platform and mobile app, making it seamless for LOs, processors, CSMs, and other agent participants to quickly help borrower prospects.

Botsplash also supports easy and seamless sync of Velocify status and action updates. So if you want to disposition a conversation from within Botsplash and have it update Velocify, you can do so right away from the Botsplash dashboard or via the mobile app.

Check out this case study from our client Top Flite Financial discussing their adoption of Botsplash and the seamless integration with Velocify.


Like Velocify, Salesforce is, at its core, a CRM with many add-ons and customization options that can tailor the experience for sales, marketing, and business professionals.

Integrating Botsplash with Salesforce allows users to engage through a button that opens a pop-over window, and conversations are immediately linked to Salesforce accounts. Also, an embedded tab will enable users to quickly tab between Salesforce and fullscreen Botsplash platform windows, so users never need to leave Salesforce.

Check out this video to learn more about the Botsplash app within Salesforce.

Single Sign On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a way for users to use one set of login credentials, like a username and password, to access multiple platforms at once. SSO makes it easy for a client tech team to manage permissions and user access details. With Botsplash, you can grant your users access to our platform by enabling SSO for Google Suite, Salesforce, or Microsoft 365 (or ADFS). Single Sign-On provides users with one source to log into Botsplash. Many clients find the convenience of one password to access everything a significant value add when you do not need to remember another set of credentials!

Single Sign-On also works very well when using our Mobile App.


The mortgage space often uses a pricing engine to quote rates and offers for prospects and clients looking to finance their new home purchase or refinance their existing home/property. Mortech is a popular pricing engine most lenders adopt in the consumer-direct space.

The Botsplash integration with the Mortech pricing service is in-depth, allowing you to present a rich and informative chat widget experience. Check out our pricing engine demo here. The display styles for such a widget from Botsplash can differ for each landing page or channel you choose. The theme colors, agent assignments, and menus can be built to suit the page content or audience. Our team would love to show you the many possibilities of the widget. Connect with us today for a demo.

NICE inContact

​​NICE inContact is cloud-based call center software that helps businesses maximize connections with prospects/clients and minimize the cost of client interaction. Botsplash integrates with inContact for a particularly beneficial use case - trigger scheduled calls. A prospect/client on your website or landing page can choose to schedule a call (call me at this date and time). Botsplash holds these requests until the requested call time approaches and then posts them to inContact. We then collect the inContact ID for future reference and reporting access. Mutual clients of Botsplash and inContact can get a worry-free experience knowing that the dialer calls will happen, and they are tracked for validation and trailing purposes.

Do you use any of the SaaS platforms mentioned in this article? If yes, let’s discuss how Botsplash can help you extract more value from your existing platform and tools. If current SaaS applications and platforms are core to your business and you want them to be integrated with Botsplash, let us know! Our integration and onboarding time is two weeks or less on average! Call / Text / Email or Chat with us!

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