WhatsApp has become a preferred method of communication for individuals and businesses alike. Seamlessly connect with customers to provide efficient and personalized support on a platform that hosts conversations for more than two billion users globally.

Is WhatsApp Right for You?

Why WhatsApp?
WhatsApp provides efficient lead messaging and serves more than two billion users worldwide. With WhatsApp, Botsplash users can provide a personalized and interactive customer experience through one of the most popular messaging platforms on the market while still using all of the features available to them on the other channels.
Should Your Business Offer WhatsApp?
WhatsApp provides Botsplash users and their customers with an efficient and user-friendly method of communication. Business that specialize in customer support or manage a high volume of inbound leads will appreciate the simplicity and capabilities that WhatsApp has to offer.
Customer is traveling outside of the US and can't accept SMS messages but can continue the conversation on WhatsApp
Use a reliable alternative messaging channel to share documents/attachments
Agents can seamlessly use WhatsApp from the Botsplash dashboard

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