Botsplash Token Replacements

Token replacements are a technique used in computer programming to replace placeholders in a text string with actual values. Hello everyone, I’m Willem Osuch, bringing you an episode of Botsplash.TV where we’ll discuss the nature of token replacements.

Whenever a consumer is engaging with an enterprise agent and basic contact and inquiry information has been collected, it is important to customize and personalize communications to meet the consumer’s needs.

Token replacements use placeholders or tokens to automatically fill in the consumer’s provided first names into the pre-made or canned set of templates, making the messages present a more personal tone.

The Botsplash platform offers robust token replacement opportunities for your automated texts, manual canned texts, and/or text campaigns across all communication channels such as web chat, SMS, and more. Entice your customers to respond and engage with you faster by winning them over with personalized messages.

I’m Willem Osuch and this has been an overview of token replacements. Thank you for watching Botsplash.TV.