Direct Mail Follow-Up

Hey everyone, this is Willem Osuch and back in Episode 47 of Botsplash.TV, I went over the value of direct mail. So what now after they’ve been sent out? That’s what I’ll be diving into on this week’s episode of Botsplash.TV.

Now that you’ve created a direct mailer project, gathered your list of recipients, and sent out all your envelopes, what are the next steps?

Well, be sure that you have the contact information such as email address for the recipients you sent your mail to. Ask them if they’ve received your mail and if not, provide them with the address you used to send the mail too and see if it matches with the recipients’ actual location.

Even that email follow-up can be beneficial towards the success of the direct mail efforts as direct mail offers a physical and tangible way to connect with people, establish relationships, and conduct business.

Thank you all for watching Botsplash.TV, I’m Willem Osuch.