Botsplash Video Chat & Screen Share

How can we make virtual meetings more personal? Well, adding video chat and screen sharing can go a long way in establishing a more human touch to a virtual call. Hi, I’m Willem Osuch and welcome to Botsplash.TV.  

In today’s digital world of communication, many people don’t necessarily prefer to show themselves on camera. However, as we discussed in Ep. 10 of Botsplash.TV, having one’s webcam turned on during a meeting can lead to a more personable interaction between the parties involved.

Video chat makes it possible for two or more people to connect on a call and really break down the digital barrier of just being on a virtual call. Additionally, screen-sharing offers individuals the ability to share the contents of their screen, tabs, or windows on their computers with others parties on the call.

Such video chatting tools that are available on the market now range from Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. And yes, the Botsplash platform also offers a robust video chat and screen sharing feature that enables you to instantly start a video call with no external software downloads needed.

If you want to maximize the most out of your in- and outbound communications, do consider video chat and screen sharing. I’m Willem Osuch, thank you for watching Botsplash.TV.