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Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms in order to engage with your customer. Introducing CRM Lite, an integrated solution to streamline your customer communication and processes from one omnichannel engagement platform, Botsplash.

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Features that Transform Your Workflow

Visitor Fields

Customize your CRM with unique data entry points tailored to your business needs. Visitor fields provide flexibility, segment leads and customers in an optimal way, and are adaptable to changing business needs.


Let the system work for you. Define rules for triggered actions, from custom responses based on location to automated listeners for new contact details.


With Bookme you and your customers can schedule appointments, set follow-ups, and manage calendar tasks effortlessly. CRM Lite automatically syncs with the Bookme scheduler for a hands-off approach to booking appointments.

Visitor Styling

Color code your visitors for quick and easy identification - new leads, contacts, and more. Utilize visual cues for effective and organized lead management.


Effortlessly set reminders for follow-ups, important dates, and more. Stay on top of your leads with intuitive task management.

Visitor Status

Milestones redefined. Easily set manual triggers for certain predefined actions during a conversation. Visitor status reduces the need for complex automation and offers a superior experience.

How CRM Lite Saves You Money and Improves Your Workflow...

Lead Generation

Seamless Integration

Enjoy the benefits of CRM Lite directly in Botsplash without the need to switch between applications or fumble with API calls.
Higher Sales

Dual Compatibility

Continue using your existing CRM system and sync it effortlessly with Botsplash CRM Lite. Easily import leads into either platform for a streamlined approach.
Increased Efficiency


Tailor CRM Lite to your business needs. Define your visitor fields, customize sequences, and enjoy a personalized lead management experience.
Shorter Close Times

Better Efficiency

Streamline your workflow, automate routine tasks, and focus on what matters most - building meaningful connections with your leads and customers.

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