Botsplash Demo: 

Transforming Marketplace Engagement

Enhancing Customer Choice with Chat-Driven Consent and Customized Lender Matching

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The Botsplash Customer Engagement marketplace demo page presents a platform akin to well-known marketplace websites like LendingTree or Zillow, offering a comprehensive list of lenders from which customers can select for loan procurement. Unique to Botsplash is its chat capability, which not only captures customer consent for future contact but also facilitates engagement with the lender's loan officer, adhering to specific lead routing and distribution rules set by the lender.

Key Features:

  • Chat-Powered Consent Capture: Utilizes chat functionalities to obtain customer consent for future communications, ensuring compliance and customer preference.
  • Tailored Engagement with Loan Officers: Matches customers with loan officers based on the lender’s specific lead routing and distribution guidelines, providing a personalized and efficient experience.