Next Major Digital Strategy? Improve Digital Conversations!
May 16, 2018

Next Major Digital Strategy? Improve Digital Conversations!

The picture above is a pretty good representation of how consumer interactions and engagements happen every day. Consumers are researching, looking for services, shopping for products online and using different platforms to get their information including websites and social media. They’re also using multiple messaging services like SMS and web chat to name a few.

For companies, it is one thing to re-target consumers in hopes of getting a conversion but it ‘s an entirely different thing to identify duplicate consumers and offer them a smoother workflow to make it fast and easy to convert. Let ‘s check out a few options to improve today’s consumer experiences.

Be where your customers are  – If you rely on Content Marketing, Social Media and Affiliate Marketplaces to get your customers, then you most likely have a presence on the platform that your prospective customers are. But if you don’t have a focused online presence then it’s time to get started. Blogs, Comment, Share Testimonials are a few ways to begin a Digital Content strategy.

Don ‘t lose abandons – Calls to action are just the start but they’re not completed transactions. Extend CTAs to offer seamless, continued messaging and transitioning to your website, landing page, or other digital assets designed for consumer interaction. If the CTAs are in a platform that supports messaging, explore Live Chat via Chatbots at or before the primary abandon point. Chatbots can be customized and personalized based on consumer engagement, engagement topic, business rules, and CTA referrers.

Visitors need attention  – A channel or platform does not determine intent of a consumer. For example, if you get two consumers on Facebook vs 200 from a marketplace partnership, the two FB consumers still need fast, accurate, and trusted attention. Do not lose your customers to competition because the analytics reports say the channels are under performing!

Make the below three points to drive and change your engagement strategy:

1. Improve performance and conversions with ‘ one digital conversation at a time ‘: every conversation is important and builds towards a successful conversion.

2. Conversations are not time-boxed. Get the conversation started, nurture them and they will eventually convert.

3. Set a multi-channel conversation hub to promote a scalable ecosystem to transform and grow organically.

Invest in an omni-channel platform that brings conversations from different channels and platforms to one place, making it easier for you to engage with your consumers.

botsplash is an omni-channel platform focused to improve consumer engagements. We make it easy for business agents and reliable for consumers. And YES, botsplash is LIVE and agents are actively using us to reach customers across multiple digital platforms.

Interested to learn more about botsplash or would you like to schedule a demo ? Get Started NOW !

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