Chat, Chew, and Brew: Beyond Business Cards

April 20, 2023


Looking forward to meeting you for the first Chat-Chew & Brew Meetup event of 2023. We are hoping the weather would be perfect for us to grab a drink and network.

Our theme for this event "Beyond Business Cards" is aimed at connecting with business, marketing and sales professionals who are looking for meaningful and genuine conversations. Not an event to just exchange business cards, but more to explore opportunities to collaborate, grow and learn from each other.

The event is open to individuals from all industries, and the goal is to foster a community where attendees can share their experiences, challenges, and successes. By the end of the event, attendees will have gained new connections, insights, and ideas that they can take back to their respective industries.

Grab a drink, look for the Botsplash signs at the tables in the OMB open area and come join us. We are excited to meet you!

Pictures from 4/20/2023

Registrations for this event are now CLOSED
Registrations for this event are now CLOSED

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