Botsplash Mobile App

The Botsplash mobile app is an excellent tool for agents looking to stay connected with customers on the go. Users logged into the application have access to all available features from the desktop platform, but conveniently at the palm of their hands.

Botsplash Mobile App

The Botsplash app is perfect for agents that have stepped away from their desks, want to connect after hours, or for follow-ups when out of town. Customers appreciate the responsiveness and users report an increase in contact rates and conversions.

There is no better time than now to activate and put the Botsplash mobile app to use. As a user, you have the capability to search for your stalled or lost prospects by name or email and check in with them by sending a new message. Reference the screen shots below:


Search on the Botsplash App


Select on the Botsplash App


Send on the Botsplash App


With the app, agents can also re-engage with old leads who have been undecided or may be back in the market to make a purchase. To learn more about how to re-engaging with old leads, read our blog.

The best part about it all? It’s INCLUDED free of charge for all Botsplash users. The Botsplash app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android for convenience. Want to learn more about our mobile app or other available features? Chat with us!