Display Name Settings

One of our newest features to the Botsplash platform is the Display Name. This will give the user the ability to change the name that will appear for the customer during their interaction via the chat widget. The display name setting provides the Botsplash user control over what the customer is seeing.

Changing this name can be done on your profile under the “Basic Information” tab:

Botsplash Basic Information Dashboard

The most important benefit of this new feature is that it gives the flexibility to change what personal information the customer has access to. Some additional use cases are:

  • When a user is representing the company not themselves (ex:support chat)
  • User only wants their first name displayed to the customer
  • Company requests the user remain anonymous to the customer (ex: Jane Doe or using an alias)
Botsplash Chat Example

It’s important to note that while this feature will change the name for the user within a chat conversation, it will not change the name that will show up on the Bookme app to ensure there is no confusion when it comes to calendar management.