Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily organize leads based on their status within the sales funnel? With Botsplash you can! Botsplash milestones offer an excellent way for an agent to disposition a lead based on progression and the status of the relationship. These milestones can be created by account admins or can be integrated with a company’s CRM.

The milestone feature gives the agent the ability to disposition a lead within Botsplash while simultaneously updating the CRM with the correct status. The synchronization of milestones between CRMs and Botsplash reduces the amount of screen switching an agent must do and ensures reporting metrics are more accurate and reliable.


  • Leads can be filtered based on the milestone which can help with organization, reporting, and prioritization
  • Milestones allow agents and managers to quickly understand where a lead is within the sales process
  • The milestone feature streamlines a busy agent’s workflow as they only have to change the milestone in one place

Dashboard View

Searching Using Milestone Status

For more information about the capabilities of Botsplash milestones or any other features, reach out to us for a demo!