Conor Mooney

Customer Success Manager

If I had to define myself in one word, it would be curious.  

My curiosity is what lead me to the world of television news as a producer, learning and reporting about what is important to the general public.  

Curiosity is what eventually lead me to the field of digital marketing in the mid 2010s. How is the world changing when it comes to retail? What does the shift online mean for businesses and their consumers? How can I best work on behalf of my clients to get messaging to the right people?

When I was fortunate to meet Botsplash Founder and CEO Aru Anavekar in February of 2021, my curiosity struck again. Aru explained what Botsplash was, why the product was so important and what her vision was for the company. Even before our meeting ended, I knew that Botsplash was where I needed to be. It's where I could grow and contribute to a vision that was proven to be effective. Most importantly, it was exciting.

From day one at Botsplash, I've been fortunate to work alongside other curious, passionate and dedicated individuals. I'm still excited to show up to work every day, and I'm still as curious as ever.

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I grew up playing guitar, focusing less on electric as I got older
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