Dashboard Widget

Botsplash Dashboard Widget

Effortlessly Manage Customer Conversations from One Screen.

Enhance your multitasking efficiency with Botsplash's dashboard widget, which seamlessly integrates with workflow applications, allowing you to stay connected without the hassle of switching screens. Stay updated in real-time and manage chats with Botsplash, all from within your preferred program.

Dashboard Widget Features at a Glance...

Unified Dashboard

Access all customer communication channels in one place for streamlined conversations. By combining the Botsplash dashboard widget with various applications, agents enjoy the convenience of a single, user-friendly interface, making it easier for your team to manage and track customer interactions efficiently. By centralizing your communications, you can ensure consistency and improve the quality of customer engagement.

Immediate Lead Creation

Easy synchronization between outside applications and the Botsplash Widget. This feature allows for the quick and seamless creation of leads directly from your conversations. By integrating with your existing systems, it enables real-time updates and synchronization, ensuring that no potential lead is overlooked, and your sales team can act swiftly on new opportunities.

Efficient Lead Management

Enrich your lead management with analytics and insights right from one side-bar screen, providing a comprehensive overview of your sales funnel. The dashboard widget allows you to analyze lead data, track progress, and prioritize follow-ups, ensuring that your sales efforts are focused on the most promising prospects, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Lead Insights

Dive deep into lead analytics and behaviors to prioritize and tailor your engagement strategies. The Dashboard Widget allows users to access detailed insights into lead activities and preferences, allowing your team to customize your communication and approach to better meet their needs, improving the chances of successful engagement and conversion.