LendingTree integration on Botsplash
January 21, 2019

LendingTree integration on Botsplash

Botsplash platform is now integrated with LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE), the nation’s leading online loan marketplace. Botsplash is an omnichannel conversation platform for enterprises. Lenders on Botsplash can use this integration to allow the LoanOfficers and Consumers matched on LendingTree marketplace, to interact via SMS or other preferred digital conversation channels.

Let’s break it down and understand how this integration helps a lender on\nLendingTree network, that serves consumers (borrower) shopping for mortgage offers on the LendingTree marketplace. The typical consumer engagement on LendingTree is as follows:

  • Consumer fills a form and submits information related to property for which they seek a mortgage loan
  • LendingTree runs the information against their matching algorithm to find the Best 5 Lenders for the consumer
  • Consumer views listing of up to 5 Lenders
  • The lenders matched to consumers can get started with consumer outreach efforts over Call and/or Email

A Lender that uses Botsplash, can reach the borrower with Simple Text\nMessaging (SMS)

Text messaging is just a start, open up more options for the borrowers to interact and engage on!

  • Send the borrower a welcome text, with link to online mortgage offers
  • Share image or pdf documents as Mutimedia Text Message (MMS)
  • Got a BombBomb account? Send welcome videos to the borrower
  • During the process, the borrower can share documents in form of image or pdf
  • Automate or schedule milestone notifications or action item reminders
  • Loan Officers can assist/chat with multiple borrowers at a given time, that keep trying to reach a single prospect via phone
  • Borrowers busy to respond to a phone call, might prefer to engage via text
  • No off-grid side conversation between Loan Officer and Borrower  – all conversations restricted and confined to Enterprise software
  • All agents – Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Sales, Underwriter and Borrower conversation history is available at one place
EASY TO ACCESS, SECURE and AGGREGATED conversations in one place to close deals faster. In addition make Audit, Compliance and Regulatory teams happy!

At Botsplash our primary focus is to power the digital channels that complement to enhance consumer engagement and interaction. To learn more how Botsplash can create the omnichannel conversation ecosystem for your business visit us or write to hello@botsplash.com.

Be Where Your Customers Are  – Customer outreach is important, and doing it in a form acceptable to the customer is winning them right at the start!

It has been a great pleasure to work closely with the team at LendingTree to launch this integration. The integration is available for joint clients of LendingTree and Botsplash. We are thrilled to make on-boarding easy for our lenders, so they can get down to business of engaging with customers and closing more loans! #conversetoconvert

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Aru Anavekar
CEO and Founder
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