Bookme: A Scheduling Alternative to Calendly, OnceHub, and TimeTap

Being a sales agent is like being a circus juggler, constantly tossing multiple tasks and responsibilities in the air. It's a high-pressure job where every day is a new adventure, and a big opportunity might come knocking at any moment. But with so much on your plate, it can be tough to manage your schedule and make the most of those opportunities. As a result, it may lead to missed opportunities and lost sales.

On this, scheduling apps are a boon to the sales world as they work like a personal assistant that helps you keep track of all your appointments, meetings, and calls in one place—no more scribbling down notes on post-its or trying to remember when your next call is scheduled. With a scheduling app, you can quickly view your schedule in a calendar format and reschedule or cancel appointments with a click of a button. And when you're on the go, the app will send you reminders, so you never miss an important call or meeting again.

When it comes to scheduling apps, the market is flooded with options, making it challenging to choose the right one for you and your business. However, the key factors to consider are the features, ease of use, and pricing.

  • Essential Features: A good scheduling app should have features such as calendar sync, alerts and notifications, third-party integrations, real-time notifications, and customization options.
  • Ease of Use: You don't want a complicated scheduling app that is even harder to understand than your clients, right? It should be easy to use and learn so you can use it on the go.
  • Pricing: Price plays a significant role in your decision-making. You should switch to an affordable option with loaded features that won't break the bank but saves your neck from all the scheduling chaos.

Timetap, Oncehub, and Calendly are some market leaders known for their features, ease of use, and affordable pricing. You may wonder how Bookme, being a new entrant in the market, compares to these market leaders. To that end, this article will provide insight into how Bookme stacks up against these market giants and how switching to Bookme can benefit your business.

Firstly, let's have a quick comparison. The table below compares the features, cost, and capabilities of Bookme, Calendly, Oncehub, and Timetap:

Which is right for your business?

$67.45 per month
$10/user per month
$12/user per month
Free for botsplash users
Calendar Sync
Email Reminders
Realtime Notifications
Recurring Appointements
Meeting Types
Customizable Form
Customizable Booking Sites
AI/Machine Learning
Custom working hours
Time off and special hours
CRM integration
Timezone adjustment
Third party integration
Devices Supported
For your Business
Pricing Model
Business Size
Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises
Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises
Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises
Medium, large, enterprise
Phone, email and chat
Phone, email and chat
Email and chat
Phone, email, chat, dedicated client success specialist

As the table above illustrates, Bookme offers a comprehensive set of features that are on par with industry leaders such as Calendly, Timetap, and Oncehub. All these powerful features, and did we mention that it's all free for Botsplash users?

Bookme is loaded with many features you've come to rely on from other scheduling apps. From real-time notifications to custom availability settings, and seamless integration with multiple calendar platforms, it's an all-in-one solution for your scheduling needs.

You can tailor your meetings to suit your needs and preferences and even customize the colors to align with your brand image and logo, which may seem minor but plays a significant role in building your brand identity. Additionally, you can set working hours, buffer time, and meeting options, and the time zone is automatically adjusted to avoid confusion for clients in different time zones.

Furthermore, Bookme seamlessly syncs with your calendar on both Google and Microsoft, blocking off time for holidays and PTO. This way you don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts or meetings set while you are away.

Another powerful feature of Bookme is its integration with third-party CRM apps such as Salesforce or Velocify, allowing you to export essential data to the app. Furthermore, you can view all your schedules in your dashboard, making it easy to track who to meet, where, and when.

Additionally, what sets Bookme apart is its simple and user-friendly interface that can help streamline your scheduling process and boost your productivity. It has all the features that a good scheduling app needs. And the best part? It's all FREE!

Why Bookme?

  • It's free for Botsplash users
  • Packed with essential features for scheduling apps
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Customizable to suit your needs and preferences
  • Supports third-party integrations
  • Effortless setup
  • Good customer support for any questions or issues
  • Constantly improving with additional features based on user feedback.

Overall, Bookme is a simple yet powerful scheduling app with everything you need to streamline your meetings and appointments. It is like a trusty companion who has your back and keeps you on track, helping you to conquer the sales world. With its help, managing your schedule is no longer a chaotic and overwhelming task but a streamlined process that allows you to focus on what matters - closing more deals and hitting your sales goals.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to the scheduling chaos and hello to an organized schedule? Look no further than Bookme, the ultimate solution for all your scheduling needs. With Bookme, you can focus on what you do best and let the app handle the rest. It's time to take the chaos out of scheduling and make it a fun and organized experience through the magic of bookme!

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