Botsplash : A RingCentral Alternative

Business communication and customer experience go hand in hand. A good customer experience is only possible with good business communication. However, multi-channel communication platforms make it hard for agents to keep in touch with customers and teammates on each platform. As a result, various omnichannel customer interaction platforms have emerged in the market. One such platform is RingCentral.

RingCentral is an all-in-one unified communication and contact center solution that streamlines your interactions with clients, teammates, and other stakeholders. Its goal is to boost productivity by providing easy-to-use tools accessible from any location, no matter where your teammates or customers may be. As a result, it has developed solutions to enhance business communication and customer experience.

RingCentral's MVP is a cloud-based phone system modernized with powerful artificial intelligence, automated workflows, video conferencing, and more to enhance business communications. Similarly, RingCentral's customer experience is customized to improve customers' interactions by making it easier for them to stay in touch via any means, at any time, and with anybody.

With products such as contact center, engage voice, and engage digital under the customer experience umbrella, RingCentral aims to improve the customer service experience for both your customers and your employees. These solutions provide many features that facilitate team member and agent collaboration while providing seamless omnichannel experiences for your clients.

However, the major flaw here is that despite these products coming under RingCentral's customer experience suite, these products need to be purchased separately. On top of that, the features are based on your pricing plan. So, wouldn't it be great if you could get all the features of these three platforms in one convenient platform? In that regard, Botsplash is the best option available, and this article tells you why.

Firstly, let's have a quick comparison. The table below compares the features and capabilities of RingCentral and Botsplash:

Which is right for your business?
RingCentral Contact Center
RingCentral Engage Digital
RingCentral Engage Voice
Live Chat features
Lead Management
Campaign Management
SMS & Email Templates
Live Chat
Secured Encryption
Automated Chat Functionality
Activity Tracking
Two Way Messaging
AI/Machine Learning
Access Control/Permission
Geo Targeting
Canned Messages
Customizable Reports
Customer History
Customer Segmentation
Customer Service Analytics
Engagement Tracking
Knowledge Base Management
Real-Time Analytics
Multi-Agent Chat
Workflow Management
Third Party Integration
Spanish Language Available
Mobile App
Open API Access
Cloud Based
Devices Supported
For Your Business
Pricing Model
Monthly pricing customized according to business needs
Business Size
Small, enterprise, start-up, Ringcentral Ventures
Medium, large, enterprise
Phone, email and chat
Phone, email, chat, dedicated client success specialist
Help Guides
Video Guides / Tutorials
Case Studies

Both RingCentral and Botsplash aim to provide excellent customer and agent experiences by integrating across channels to boost productivity and efficiency. With a unified platform, agents can connect to customers with resources in any channel without toggling between applications. However, while RingCentral offers different platforms that need to be purchased separately, Botsplash has all those features in one platform for a single price.

Furthermore, Botsplash offers multi-agent chat functionality, geo-targeting, customer service analytics, AI/Machine learning, and engagement tracking to manage and monitor potential leads and customers. It also offers canned messages, so you can easily handle multiple leads simultaneously. Thanks to its open API, you can integrate it with the business apps your team already uses to interact with clients, resulting in more efficient, positive, and cost-effective engagements.

Additionally, Botsplash provides the following benefits that RingCentral does not:

  • Centralized audit trail
  • One-click form
  • Two-way file sharing
  • Co-browsing
  • Screen sharing
  • Returning visitors
  • Predictive times
  • Responsive design
  • Visitor identification

Therefore, if you're seeking a RingCentral alternative with all the features that RingCentral offers, then Botsplash may be the right option. Instead of using different platforms for digital communication and customer experience, Botsplash offers everything you need in a single, streamlined platform saving you time and money.

Botsplash is a modern consumer engagement solution allowing your team to reach your customers where they are. For additional information about the solutions that Botsplash provides or to schedule a demo with us, click here.

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