Botsplash: The Omnichannel Alternative to Braze's Multichannel Marketing Solution

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Founded in 2011 as a cloud-based software company out of New York City, Braze, Inc. offers its flagship customer engagement platform for multichannel marketing to businesses.  

Braze’s communication platform attempts to help brands foster human connections with consumers through interactive conversations across channels that deliver value quickly and continuously. However, relying on multichannel solutions to bolster one’s marketing efforts may not be all that effective in a consumer-driven environment that is ever evolving. Omnichannel solutions are starting to effectively make businesses move away from their multichannel solutions in search of an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel communication platforms for example are starting to show more results for businesses in terms of customer engagement and increased revenues.

At a high level, what is the difference between a ‘multichannel’ and ‘omnichannel’ solution? In brief, multichannel approaches refer to businesses building their presence on the channels that customers are more likely to interact with; omnichannel approaches take it one step further by building consistent customer experiences in the channels where they are most likely to interact.  Simply put, omnichannel approaches offer more power to the consumer in terms of reaching out and engaging with businesses. So while Braze’s communication platform attempts at fostering human connections, those connections aren’t really fostered as effectively as they could have been if they were established through an omnichannel platform such as Botsplash.Botsplash is an omnichannel communications platform that, precisely due to its omnichannel nature, offers more than just marketing solutions for enterprises wishing to engage more with their consumers. Botsplash is an innovative and intuitive desktop browser and mobile app-based communication solution that allows consumers to reach out to businesses through a variety of channels such as SMS, email, Facebook Messenger and more. Botsplash’s omnichannel approach focuses on integrating each channel and thereby increasing customer involvement.

It’s because of this omnichannel foundation that Botsplash continues to see success with the marketing departments of the client businesses that it serves. Marketers can use Botsplash to execute mass outbound texting campaigns, designed specifically to reach the greatest number of people all while providing some of the highest successful SMS delivery rates in the industry.

The table below shows a comparison of Braze and Botsplash. While both communication platforms comparatively start out with similarities, sharing the ability to provide their uses with both standard and custom keywords when designing marketing campaigns, it becomes more apparent as the platforms are scrutinized further. Under further analysis you will recognize that Braze stops providing expansive features to back up the texting capabilities of its platform while Botsplash only strengthens them as the platform’s features grow in complexity.

Which is right for your business?
Standard Keywords
Custom Keywords
Multiple Providers
SMS Limits
(Charge Per Seat)
Time Zones
Link Shortening
Contact Cards
Phone Number Associations
Call Forwarding
API Export (opted out numbers)
Open API for Outbound Endpoints
Devices supported

If a business wishes to get the most out of their marketing efforts, multichannel solutions and approaches simply aren’t going to cut it. Multichannel solutions work primarily to ease the process for businesses, but not consumers. Omnichannel solutions reverse that framework, making it easier for the consumer to connect with the business and thereby facilitating a greater chance of a business opportunity to arise.

Botsplash recognizes this shift in B2C conversation. By providing an industry leading omnichannel communication solution, Botsplash offers marketing teams an entirely new playing field when it comes to engaging and interacting with consumers beyond what’s possible on a multichannel platform.

If you want to learn more, check out Botsplash visit their LinkedIn page to get more information about all that omnichannel can offer! Botsplash – Be where your customers are.

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