Botsplash: A HighLevel Alternative

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With the advent of the digital customer-centric world, managing relationships with your customers has become more crucial than ever. As a result, many customer engagement platforms are emerging on the market.

One such platform is HighLevel. HighLevel is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that manages client interactions, automates sales procedures and marketing campaigns, and boosts lead generation. The HighLevel software allows users to handle everything from sales funnel and lead monitoring through outbound calling, texting, phone conversations, and follow-up process and meetings.

However, HighLevel has many features in one place, making it complicated to use. It might be time-consuming and challenging to understand and customize these settings according to the user’s needs. This could prompt the using party to seek out other options. To that end, this article shows why Botsplash is a viable alternative.

The table below compares the features and capabilities of HighLevel and Botsplash:

Which is right for your business?
Live Chat features
Lead Management
SMS & Email Templates
Live Chat
Secured Encryption
Automated Chat Functionality
Geo Targeting
Canned Responses
Reports & Analytics
Mobile App
Additional fee charged for mobile app
Customer Segmentation
Knowledge Base Management
Real-Time Analytics
Multi-Agent Chat
Spanish language available
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Devices supported
For your business
Pricing Model
Monthly pricing
Monthly pricing (flat + seat based) that is customized for business needs
Business Size
Small, medium, large
Phone, email, live chat
Phone, email, dedicated Client Success Specialist for your platform admin, and 24 hour response guarantee
Help Guides
Video Guides/Tutorials
Case Studies

Both HighLevel and Botsplash provide a unified interface for managing all aspects of client interaction. They facilitate communication with prospective customers across several channels, streamline the process of following up with leads, and collect positive responses from leads. This aids in boosting conversion rates from lead to customer.

While HighLevel provides CRM features, Botsplash goes further by providing a live chat option. This feature facilitates real-time communication with the client increasing the possibility of conversions. Botsplash also has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. There is a mobile app available for HighLevel, but it’s only available at an additional cost.

Botsplash is deployed through cloud hosting and open API (Application Programming Interface), which makes it easy for users to tailor the platform to their own requirements. In contrast, HighLevel's lack of an API makes such adjustments more challenging.

Additionally, Botsplash offers the following features that HighLevel does not:

  • Centralized audit trail
  • Encrypted at rest and in transit
  • One-click form
  • Two-way file sharing
  • Co-browsing
  • Screen sharing
  • Returning visitors
  • Predictive times
  • Responsive design
  • IP and domain restricted access
  • Visitor identification
  • Custom integrations

For these reasons, Botsplash may be the perfect HighLevel alternative if you're looking for a platform with equivalent functions and extra added features without any complexity. Instead of using various systems for digital communication, Botsplash offers everything you need in a single, streamlined platform. Moreover, it supports customized integrations, opening up a world of possibilities for you to explore and experiment with.

Botsplash is a one stop solution, allowing your team to reach your customers where they are. For additional information about the solutions that Botsplash provides or to schedule a demo with us, click here.

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