Botsplash: The Omnipresent, Omnichannel Alternative to Olark

Need to talk to customers and businesses quickly and effortlessly, but it’s outside the hours of 12pm and 9pm EST? Then Olark, the live chat solution from Habla Inc. may not be the right fit for you or your enterprise.

Habla Inc.’s Olark live chat solution software is ideal for higher education and small- to mid-sized businesses in a wide range of markets, including retail, eCommerce, SaaS, and more. However, certain limitations to the Olark live chat platform make it inadequate to meet the growing needs and demands of a technologically savvy and communicative consumer base.

When it comes to chats, the historical record of the conversations that have been noted in a chat are essential for the parties involved to have a reference point to what has been previously said. However, Olark does not feature unlimited conversation history nor does it provide the ability to have an unlimited contact list. With Botsplash, users and customers engage in conversation across multiple digital channels – SMS, Web Chat, Facebook, Google Business, and more. All conversations recorded are listed in a single location for easy access to chat transcripts for compliance and regulatory purposes.

The table below compares the features and make-up of Olark and Botsplash and comes in handy in providing a simple overview for anyone considering an alternative to Olark.

Which is right for your business?
Live Chat features
Offline Form
File Transfers
Secured Encryption
Encrypted incoming and outgoing messages as well as authenticated web chat option
Automated Chat Functionality
Including self serve knowledge base and bot flows
Geo Targeting
Canned Responses
Individual and company-wide
Reports & Analytics
Customizable reports available
Mobile App
Screen Share/Video Chat
Directly from web chat widget
Routing and Distribution Capabilities
Based on agent, team, visitor channel, and more
Multi-Agent Group Chat
One primary assigned and unlimited secondary
Transfer Conversations
Web Chat Widget Customization
Design, placement, flow, and more
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Devices supported
For your business
Pricing Model
Monthly pricing
Monthly pricing (flat + seat based) that is customized for business needs
Business Size
Online/business hours
Phone, email, dedicated Client Success Specialist for your platform admin, and 24 hour response guarantee
Help Guides
Video Guides/Tutorials
Case Studies

As seen in the table above, Botsplash offers more to the consumer than a mere live chat solution. In terms of having a conversational bot for automatic lead collection, Olark simply offers no clear features or abilities for businesses and enterprises to incorporate bot technology in their digital engagement efforts. Olark offers no bot, no lead collection bot, no customized bot workflow, and no autoload bot conversations as leads into a CRM.

Botsplash’s digital messaging platform is offered as both a desktop sign-in platform and mobile app, both of which are synchronized with one another. So when you are not available to take a lead’s call, email, or any other method of communication, rest assured, with Botsplash that lead’s communication gets funneled directly to the mobile app, so you or your enterprise never miss a call and can always be where your customers are.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Olark, look no further. Botsplash offers the same features and capabilities as Olark’s live chat solution and then some. A digital messaging platform that consolidates in- and outbound forms of communication, ranging from SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Google's Business Messenger, and much more, Botsplash is here for the enterprises and professionals who truly want to take their digital engagement and communicative efforts to the next level.

Don’t miss out on any more calls or emails as the omnichannel messaging platform from Botsplash can truly make a transformational impact on how you and your enterprise communicate with prospects and customers.

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